Anti-cellulite cup: what it is, how to use it and how effective it is

Anti-cellulite cup: what it is, how to use it and how effective it is

The anti-cellulite cup has been a very popular tool for some years, also thanks to the advertising of VIPs such as Gwyneth Paltrow or Jennifer Aniston.

But what exactly is it and how is it used? We tell you everything you need to know about anti-cellulite cups.

Anti-cellulite cup, what it is and where it comes from

The use of the anti-cellulite cup comes from an ancient technique widely used in China: cupping. It is a form of alternative medicine where the goal is to create local suction on the skin; it was introduced around the 2nd century AD in the major centers of Chinese medicine.

The Chinese cup is made from a glass jar (alternatively ceramic or bamboo) with a diameter of approximately 5 cm, which is applied to specific points on the body to obtain the therapeutic effect: however, there is no scientific evidence of its effect on organs and on the treatment of pathologies.

The cupping widespread in the West derives from the Chinese cupping technique but, instead of aiming to cure diseases, it aims to reactivate the microcirculation, oxygenate the tissues, drain the liquids.

The ultimate goal is to reduce the annoying bearings on the legs, abdomen and hips, i.e. cellulite.

How the anti-cellulite cup is made

Spherical silicone beauty tool, the anti-cellulite cup was created to allow anyone to give a massage at home, in order to eliminate or reduce cellulite.

Thanks to the shape and type of material used, the cup stimulates a “pull up” effect, ie localized suction on the epidermis, typical of cupping: the goal is to independently reproduce an aesthetic treatment called cupping massage.

The various types of cupping

When we talk about anti-cellulite cupping (oil cupping) it is essential not to confuse it with static cupping (dry cupping).

They are in fact two apparently similar techniques but with completely different therapeutic purposes.

  • Anti-cellulite cupping with silicone cups – as we will see – is a dynamic massage that must be performed on oiled skin. The cup sucks in the skin slightly, stimulating the connective tissue and allowing you to perform a pinch & roll massage quickly and easily.
  • Static cupping with glass cups is a treatment that is performed on dry skin. The cups implement a very strong suction and are left in place for a few minutes. This is not an aesthetic treatment, it leaves very evident purplish marks on the epidermis (which disappear over time) and has the purpose of reducing muscle contractures.

The effects of the anti-cellulite cup

Simply put, it is oriental cupping technique transformed into a simple object that anyone can use. In fact, the anti-cellulite cup performs several functions:

  • It helps restore microcirculation, with obvious benefits on the amount of cellulite.
  • Thanks to the pull up action, it allows a greater blood flow, which will make the skin brighter and more compact.
  • It has a draining action, which allows you to eliminate excess liquids and fight water retention.
  • It helps eliminate toxins and oxygenate the tissues, preventing inflammation.

If you are interested in the topic, discover our in-depth study on water retention.

What to know before using the cup

Before explaining how to do the massage in detail, there is some important preliminary information to know.

  • Never use the cup on dry skin: an oil should always be used (preferably specific because it has the right viscosity to help the cup slide and avoid the risk of bruising). Alternatively, soap can be used for a short massage in the shower, while, on the other hand, it is not possible to massage with a cream because it does not have sufficient lubricating power.
  • The more you “squeeze” the cup, the greater the intensity of the “vacuum” effect: it is best to start at a low intensity and then gradually increase the pressure.
  • It’s important to massage constantly to get the desired results: a massage done only once won’t have great effects on your physique.

How to use the anti-cellulite cup

Using the cup is very easy: you can adjust the intensity of the massage yourself, according to your preferences.

At the beginning you must always start with a light pressure, squeezing the cup a little. The massage could be annoying: but it is precisely the pinching effect on the skin that allows you to obtain the desired results. As soon as the massage is pleasant, you can gradually increase the pressure.

To make the right movement, it is necessary to squeeze the cup, place the edges of the cup well on the skin and finally release, so that the area is “sucked” by the cup.

As for the times, you have to dedicate 8 minutes of massage to each leg, at least 3 times a week divided as follows:

  • UPPER LEG 1:30 minutes: perform vertical movements from the front of the knee to the groin.
  • OUTER THIGH 2 minutes: perform zigzagging movements from the outside of the knee towards the hip.
  • REAR LEG 2 minutes: perform vertical movements from the back of the knee to the buttock.
  • INNER THIGH 1:30 minutes: Perform zigzagging movements from the inside of the knee to the groin (use less pressure).
  • GLUTEUS 1 minute: make circular movements starting from the center, wider and wider clockwise.

You can also use two cups on both legs at the same time, to halve the time.

Know that this treatment is not only effective on the legs. In fact there can be many areas of the body affected by cellulite: the cup is invaluable for combating orange peel skin even on the arms, stomach, swollen ankles and hips.

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Once the massage is done, apply a good moisturizer on your legs. You can also apply an anti-cellulite cream, which will be absorbed more effectively, thanks to the increase in blood circulation.

Contraindications and side effects

The anti-cellulite cup, specifically, has no major side effects. The only thing to point out is that if the tissues are particularly congested, bruising may form on the treated areas during the first treatments: but these disappear in a few days.

In pregnancy or breastfeeding the cup has in theory no contraindication other than to avoid the abdomen area; but it is always recommended to seek the opinion of your trusted doctor.

In any case, it is good to avoid this solution if:

  • You suffer from particularly fragile capillaries; the pressure exerted by the cup could lead to bruising.
  • You have varicose vein problems.
  • Take anticoagulant medications.
  • You have allergic reactions to silicone.

Cup and sports

Many athletes use the cupping technique to dispose of lactic acid after performance. In fact, during physical activity, lactic acid is formed, a metabolite that contributes to the formation of muscle toxins: this has negative effects on circulation and tissue oxygenation.

After physical activity, you can get rid of the lactic acid simply by massaging the area between the knee and the buttock, in the shower, after using the soap: proceed with zig-zag movements from the bottom up of the leg for a couple of minutes.

Does the anti-cellulite cup really work?

The massage with the cup acts in depth on the microcirculation blockages that cause cellulite, thus generating a natural process of reducing the orange peel effect.

To work, however, you need the correct use of the tool and above all the right constancy. Most of the reviews certify that the cup can become a valid aid against cellulite, making the skin more toned and compact.

In this SlimCUP video you can see how the action of the cup leads to an increase in local microcirculation after the massage.

But cellulite is a problem that you have to face from many points of view and with different techniques: it all starts with a healthy and balanced diet and constant physical activity.

Furthermore, during the day it is recommended to drink 1.5-2 liters of water to allow the correct drainage of liquids. Without these premises, the cup can only have a marginal and limited effect over time.

The best anti cellulite cups

Currently on the market there are many products to buy online, which apparently have quite similar characteristics but differ in some key aspects.

1 – SlimCUP anti-cellulite cup

SlimCUP is the original, the first and most sold in America. It is pink in color with the embossed logo.

It is the only one certified as a class I aesthetic medical device, made of hypoallergenic medical silicone; if purchased on the official website it has a 60-day “Toned or Reimbursed” guarantee.

It can be used on legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms and in general on all areas subject to cellulite. Combined with its Cellu-Oil oil based on Retinol and Brazilian Pink Pepper, it also guarantees an elasticising and moisturizing action on the skin, with an anti-aging effect visible after a few treatments.

The cup has a duration of about 1 year while the combined oil lasts over 1 month (16 treatments).

And the price? Absolutely accessible: SlimCUP is currently on offer at €19.90 and €39.90 if combined with its oil.

SlimCUP is not only…