Apply to hair for 15 minutes. It costs pennies, but it gives the effect of lamination from a salon

Apply to hair for 15 minutes.  It costs pennies, but it gives the effect of lamination from a salon

Do you dream of beautiful and smooth hair, as if freshly laminated? Instead of an expensive salon treatment, you can choose home care that will make your hair perfectly smooth, soft and shiny. All you need is a mask made from a product that you probably associate as a sweet delicacy.

Apply to hair for 15 minutes.  It costs pennies, but it gives the effect of lamination from a salon

Hair spray – a hit among hair lovers

Hair maniacs agree: this mask is a real hit. The effects are visible after just one use. Moisturizing your hair becomes possible in a simple way that gives results similar to professional treatments. The product we recommend is jelly.

It cannot be denied that professional hairdressing treatments are not cheap. Fortunately, at least some of them can be replaced with home remedies. They were practiced years ago, when there was no access to specialized products and beauty or hairdressing salons.

Today, they are coming back into favor and gaining popularity thanks to social media, where people involved in hair care can share their discoveries.

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Jelly mask for hair – advantages and effects

Moisturization, silky smoothness and shine after using the jelly are not a myth. This is due to the presence of potato starch, sugar and citric acid in the composition. Together, they close the hair cuticles, moisturize and smooth the hair, strengthen the ends and reduce splitting. A jelly that costs a few zlotys gives results similar to lamination treatments that can be done at a hairdresser for hundreds of zlotys.

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Jelly mask for hair – recipe

To regenerate, add shine, strengthen and moisturize your hair with the jelly, combine it with an emollient mask before applying it to your head. Without it, the effects may be less spectacular. The taste of the jelly does not matter here, but choose those that do not contain fruit or their fragments, as this would make it difficult to obtain a uniform consistency of the mask.

Mix the ingredients in the proportion of 2 tablespoons of jelly – 2 tablespoons of emollient hair mask – 3 tablespoons of boiled water. Apply everything to your hair. This amount is optimal for medium-length hair. If you have shorter or longer hair, prepare and apply more or less preparation accordingly.

Put a foil cap over your hair mask and cover the whole thing with a towel turban. Heat promotes better absorption of nutrients into the hair. After washing, dry your hair and apply oil to the ends. For best and lasting results, use the jelly hair mask once a week.

Hair jelly – contraindications

Refrain from treatments if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Before each treatment, perform allergy tests, even if you use preparations that have already been used without side effects. If the skin becomes red, itchy or pimples appear, refrain from the treatment.

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