Arisa explains the photo in a bikini: "At 38 I stopped worrying about my body"

Arisa explains the photo in a bikini: "At 38 I stopped worrying about my body"

Arisa returns to talk about her bikini photo on Instagram and the desire to accept herself, loving herself

Arisa: summer in freedom, between friends, family and thoughts without censorship

Amazing, unique, unpredictable: Arisa has shown, once again, to be a great example for many women, explaining the choice to post a bikini photo on Instagram which is a hymn to the positive body. Today's guest is another day, a new program conducted by Serena Bortone, talked about the song Ricominciare Ancora, but also about her life.

“Arisa or Rosalba? Women are multitudes – he said -. We have only one life and we have to try in this life to understand our mistakes, straighten the shot and start again, even better and more and more ”. Her bikini photo inviting all women to accept each other caused a lot of discussion. “I feel beautiful – explained Arisa -. I had an orange costume, something not thought of and not studied by a marketing department. I was alone at the sea and at the dawn of thirty-eight I looked at myself and looked at myself. I saw my stomach and I promised myself that I would never worry about my physical appearance again. The oranges because I have big boobs, the milk sandwich because when you go to the supermarket and they looked like rolls to me. The goddess is our possibility, our femininity, we are all goddesses. We are the miracle, living beings are a miracle to be celebrated always ”.

Years have passed since Arisa, shy and beautiful, made her debut on the Sanremo stage with Sincerità. Many things have changed since then. “My voice is not always the same – he told Serena Bortone -. When I was a little girl, a stereo came with CDs, it seemed like it was who knows, maybe a spaceship. Listening to Mariah Carey I realized that I could learn. And I learned ”.

Arisa then revealed that she had met Franca Valeri, a great artist who recently passed away. "I met him one evening at dinner with Pino Strabioli – he revealed -. I gave her a foot massage because she was in pain. Why did I give her a foot massage? ”. The singer has been linked for some time to Lorenzo Zambelli with whom she revealed that she dreams of a child: “I have a boyfriend. Male. The difference between a man and a woman is Freudian. As Freud says, we women are a bit masochistic and if we suffer it is only because we are more receptive ".

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