Arrival of a child: 6 tips to prevent your relationship from exploding

Arrival of a child: 6 tips to prevent your relationship from exploding

Short nights, more frequent arguments… With the arrival of a baby, life as a couple is often turned upside down. How to preserve your relationship in the middle of chaos? What concrete solutions can be put in place to avoid the baby clash? Camille Branger, midwife, answers us.


Should we repeat it? If without children, communication is already the glue of the couple, this is even more true with the arrival of a baby, where fatigue and tensions can quickly accumulate.

Communication is essential“, specifies Camille Branger.

Help each other

If this tip seems simple, even simplistic on paper, it is in reality the basis of a new, peaceful life for three, where everyone knows that their partner can support them.

Helping each other, taking turns is fundamental“, assures the expert.

Share the tasks

Sharing tasks is essential, since it shows that you are willing to make an effort to make everyone feel fulfilled.

However, we must respect what everyone wishes to do or not do. For example, for certain treatments (nose washing, bathing, etc.), one parent may feel more comfortable than the other.“, specifies Camille Branger.

Continue outings in pairs

To be satisfied in this new parental life, you must not forget to take time for yourself and as a couple.

As soon as you feel ready, start the outings again as a couple. Plan for a type of care that suits you and a person you trust.e”, recommends the midwife.

Share the nights

Sharing nights allows the other to recover.

You need to find a new organization during the week that will ideally allow you to take turns at night“, reveals Camille Branger.

Consult a specialist if necessary

Another very practical tip, in the event of tension in the relationship: call on outside help.

A parenting advisor can help and guide the couple, in order to resolve problems. If postpartum depression is suspected, consulting a midwife can also be beneficial (consultations are now 100% reimbursed, several weeks after delivery, editor’s note)“, confides the expert.