Aurora Ramazzotti talks about her birth: very complicated, but incredible

Aurora Ramazzotti talks about her birth: very complicated, but incredible
Aurora Ramazzotti talks about her birth: very complicated, but incredible

The new mother and influencer Aurora Ramazzotti shared her pregnancy with her followers, and even now that little Cesare Augusto is in the arms of mum and dad, she does not hold back and talks about the experience of her difficult birth.

Aurora Ramazzotti and complicated childbirth

A long pregnancy in which everyone, and above all her followers, participated enthusiastically, to then be involved in the joy of the birth of Cesare Augusto: Aurora Ramazzotti and her partner Goffredo Cerza became parents for the first time, and on social networks have shared – and continue to do so – reflections and glimpses of their lives, first as an expectant couple, and now as new parents. A few weeks after giving birth, Aurora shared a series of stories on her Instagram profile in which she wanted to reflect on what she experienced before, during and after the birth, which she defined as “very complicated”, but still “one of the most incredible moments of the my life”.

Aurora Ramazzotti and the “unsolicited catastrophic stories”

“I was very tired during pregnancy,” Aurora writes on Instagram, “Almost every time someone asked me how I was and I said it, the answer was: ‘Ahhh, you’ll see, you’ll see’, ‘You’ll be even more tired after!’ It’s been almost a month and I’m still waiting to feel more tired than pregnant as they told me”. So writes the influencer to his followers, and then move on to the stories received about the moment of childbirth: “Close to the birth they asked me if I was afraid. I didn’t have much, perhaps stupidly, and until the end I wanted to think that it would go smoothly. That it would be nice. I would say no, that I wanted to think positive. And I would hear an amount of unsolicited disaster stories that would give anyone a headache.”

Aurora Ramazzotti’s criticism: sharing discomfort is not comforting

Aurora also decides to share an intimate detail of the moment she gave birth to Caesar Augustus: “My birth was very complicated, but I still remember it as one of the most incredible moments of my life”, while “now when they ask me how my baby is, I answer ‘well, he’s very good’. Nine times out of ten the reaction is: ‘aah you’ll see, you’ll see, at first they’re all good. It’s after the problem. Nobody keeps their negative experience to themselves. Like if every experience must necessarily be the same. It’s as if there’s something comforting in knowing that someone else can experience the same discomfort as you.”

Aurora: you need to have respect and delicacy

With this long reflection, Aurora wants to share a lesson she learned thanks to becoming a mother, namely that of “respecting the delicacy of certain situations”. “I had never thought about it before”, he confesses, because “until you live it you don’t know it”: Now, however, he has understood that “before I tell someone about my experience, who has yet to go through that phase, I always make sure that that someone is ready to welcome it. Because you never know what fears your interlocutor may have. In the delicacy of certain things it is better to be sure “, concludes the influencer.