Autumn jacket: here are the ways to wear it that will solve every look!

The autumn jacket is the garment that we all love to use the most. But do you know all the trendy ways to wear the jacket? Here is the CheDonna style guide that will show you all the style secrets to be at the top!

As soon as we catch a glimpse of the first autumn days, made up of gloomy days and low temperatures, we dust our wardrobe in search of those garments that save our looks every time. And among these we cannot fail to consider the jacket! Exactly, because this is by far the most versatile outerwear of all. But there is the risk of wearing it and creating flat outfits if we don’t know how to match it. From today everything will change, with this branded style guide CheWoman!

Autumn jacket

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Every morning we wake up already overwhelmed by the commitments of the day that wasting time on creating trendy looks is truly impossible.

So we take the clothes we need and always match them the same way. In doing so, our style tends to be flat and repetitive, but the needs of the day that force us to run from the morning are more urgent and therefore our style is always affected.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! In fact today in this license plate style guide CheWoman we’re about to find out how to create trendy autumn looks starting from just one item: the jacket!

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

The jacket in autumn and all the ways to wear it: discover them and you will never be able to do without them!

But let’s start with a small detail. When it comes to jackets, there is no single model. There are many on the market but the trendy ones for autumn winter 2022/23 are thereand blazer jackets, fitted double-breasted jackets and long ones to be used either as a coat or as a dress. So, if you have at least one jacket of this type in your closet, you are already well underway!

Autumn jacket

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see how to do it three perfect autumn outfits starting from the jacket:

  • matching blazer and trousers, t-shirt and sneakers: simple, effective, to be used in any situation. This is the coolest look but at the same time easy to wear. Great for the office but also for daily errands. Trendy!
  • oversize jacket as a coat: whatever your outfit, always close it with a jacket. In autumn we can still experience days characterized by quite pleasant temperatures, which allow us not to wear the jacket. But to enrich any look we use our long jacket. It will give us a more glamorous touch.
  • jacket as dress: take a long dress effect sweater, black sock, black boot and close it all with your long double-breasted jacket and you will have created the outfit of the moment! Perfect for restaurant dinners or evenings with friends! By the way, goodbye foot pain: with this trick, high heels will no longer be a problem!

Autumn jacket

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Even today, the coolest style guide of the moment ends here, the one with the license plate CheWomanwho saw how to wear the blazer jacket in three ways perfect for autumn days!

To the next style guide, to know all the secrets of fashion!