Avoid these behaviors in the office if you don’t want to annoy your colleagues

Avoid these behaviors in the office if you don't want to annoy your colleagues

The end-of-year holidays are an opportunity for many to telework and avoid the inconveniences of corporate life. One of them concerns the thousand and one (unpleasant) quirks of your office colleagues. A recent British survey lists and classifies them, to help us avoid making these mistakes in the future.

The survey in question, relayed by the Guardian, was conducted by the digital printing company Digital ID among 3,500 participants. We learn that the most annoying behaviors in open space are diverse and varied, and even surprisingly specific.

Telling people about their sporting practices casts a chill

Thus, a large number of respondents become annoyed when their colleagues talk to them in detail about their sports routine. They particularly roll their eyes when the latter explain to them that they have gotten into the habit of immersing themselves in very, very cold water after their training session.

This practice was popularized by Wim Hof, a Dutch enthusiast of cryotherapy and nicknamed “the ice man”. Scientific studies, some of which were conducted on Wim Hof ​​himself, suggest that exposure to intense cold can be beneficial to health, especially after exercise. But this work does not say that this approach risks getting on the nerves of those with whom you work.

However, employees find it even more unbearable that some of their colleagues film TikTok videos during office hours, or “vape” in the middle of the open space. These behaviors are the two most annoying habits in business, if we are to believe the Digital ID survey.

The solution: communicate

But then how do you tell the person who uses their electronic cigarette between two emails that you suffer from this habit? Or that you’re uncomfortable with the idea of ​​potentially appearing in the dance challenge that your rhythmic colleague likes to film next to the coffee machine? By communicating. It is often enough to take your colleague aside to explain to him or her that his or her little quirks are affecting your concentration and your well-being at work for him or her to remedy the situation.

Keep in mind that responsible people are not necessarily aware that their behavior may irritate others. This is why it is best to handle this type of conflict calmly. We underestimate the number of annoyances that can be resolved, in business, through a simple conversation.

Finally, if your colleague is stubborn, it is always possible to find additional solutions. You can always pretend it’s an important call or meeting when the big jock at the company launches into one of his usual spiels about the benefits of a cold water bath (or shower). Or, when you see your young colleague take out their smartphone to film a TikTok, take the opportunity to take a break. This habit may seem less unsustainable after taking a breath of fresh air.

Concerning vaping, French law is clear. The Public Health Code stipulates that electronic cigarettes are prohibited in “enclosed and covered premises, assigned to all employees” as well as in “offices, whether collective or individual“. If your attempts to negotiate to put an end to vaping in open spaces do not pay off, talk to a superior who will probably have a solution. Peace of mind in a company also requires good working conditions.