Bathleisure, the trend that allows you to take care of yourself

Bathleisure, the trend that allows you to take care of yourself

Do you know Bathleisure? This trend, which consists of taking care of yourself in swimwear, is brought up to date and is making a comeback.

We can never say it enough: it is essential to take time for yourself, regularly. This could be playing sports, reading a good book or relaxing in a bubble bath. If the latter option appeals to you, you can try Bathleisure, a trend that is coming back into fashion, to take care of yourself in the bathroom.

Bathleisure, a not-so-new trend…

Originally, Bathleisure or “pleasure of bathing” is beauty using bathroom accessories. With a towel tied on their heads, dressed in bathrobes, beauty influencers have popularized this trend by putting on makeup and wearing their most beautiful jewelry.

A fashion that did not come from nowhere, Rita Ora or Rihanna being the first ambassadors of this movement, at the end of the 2010s.

Bathleisure, or how to take care of yourself

The 2024 version of Bathleisure takes a different turn. Instead of simply posing, to pretend that you have just taken a long bath, the idea is now to actually take time for yourself.

To disconnect for fifteen minutes in a bubble bath, in the morning before going to work for early risers or in the evening upon returning home.

According to Jamie Genevieve, creator of a skincare line interviewed by Glamor UK, “Bathleisure is what you need to feel good. Just 15 minutes of quiet time in the morning, some time for yourself before the whole house wakes up, is enough. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to an hour of relaxation after work, with the door locked and a glass of red wine placed on the edge of the bathtub. Why not also take a bath in your childhood home, at your parents’ house, to immerse yourself in memories of a sweet time when the concept of stress did not exist“. It’s up to you to choose the Bathleisure that suits you best.