Beauty tip: a flaxseed mask as ‘homemade’ Botox

Beauty tip: a flaxseed mask as 'homemade' Botox

Botulinum toxin injections are popular on TikTok, to the point where scams and abuses of all kinds are multiplying. But users of the Chinese social network could have found a way to reduce certain signs of aging without taking the least risk. The key ? Flax seeds in the form of a mask, which would be – according to those mainly concerned – a perfect dupe for Botox.

Why didn’t you think of it before? Users of the Asian platform TikTok have found the miracle ingredient to fight against wrinkles and other signs of aging, like Botox. A real innovation – according to them – which would not only make significant savings, but also turn to a much more natural formula. And for good reason, it is flax seeds which guarantee – again according to users – results similar to those of botulinum toxin. A simple mask based on this mixture would be as effective as the famous injections.

Whether it really works – or not – this new kind of treatment already has a crowd of followers on the Chinese social network, with no less than 20 million views for #flaxseedsmask (flaxseed mask), 10 million for #flaxseedmask, and 7 million for #flaxseedfacemask. Under these hashtags we discover a multitude of tutorials showing how to make this grandmother’s recipe, then how to apply it, and of course showing – live – the results of each of these experiments.

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In a video viewed more than 6.5 million times, user @victoria__benitez explains that it is indeed homemade Botox, and that it is just water and flaxseed. All proclaimed by applying said mixture to the face. The young woman who, let us point out, is not a dermatologist, assures that this mixture is as effective as Botox, and therefore makes it possible to reduce certain signs of aging, but not only that… It would also guarantee, according to her, radiant skin without redness or inflammation. Not to mention that the mask would also act as a natural shampoo.

Health professionals are much more mixed on the subject. If they do not deny the benefits of flax seeds, which bring hydration, elasticity and firmness to the skin, they still point out that, unlike Botox, this natural mask only has a temporary effect, not allowing ultimately get rid of wrinkles. Still, the mixture made from these seeds is not only accessible but also safe. Nothing prevents men and women from succumbing to it to improve the appearance of their skin.