Beginning of a relationship: the 5 signs that it could be serious

Beginning of a relationship: the 5 signs that it could be serious

When we are in a relationship, at the beginning of the relationship, one question constantly comes to mind: can this be a serious affair? To answer this question, TipsForWomens interviewed Siyana Mincheva, psychologist, who reveals to us some signs which show that yes, this story has a future.

You’ve been dating for a few months now and you’re starting to wonder about the future of your relationship. Is she serious? Is there really a future between you? Here are the signs to watch out for, according to Siyana Mincheva.

Have a clear vision of your future

This is the first thing to ask yourself: does my partner have a clear idea of ​​what he wants? “It is not simply a question of having common projects but also a precise idea of ​​what we want in life. Whether it is on a professional, personal or family level, a person ready for a serious commitment knows where she wants to go and knows what she wants to build” explains the psychologist.

Trust your partner

Trust is an essential pillar for the stability of a relationship. “It is one of the most important elements for a solid and lasting relationship.” confirms the expert. “You have to be able to live with a person, without constantly having the shadow of doubt and jealousy hovering. This is also the sign of a serious commitment on the part of your partner“.

Being comfortable with vulnerability

A person ready for deep commitment is not afraid to be vulnerable in front of their partner. “This person will be able to share their weaknesses and insecurities, without fearing the judgment of others” estimates the specialist.

Being happy in your personal life

Before you can build a stable and fulfilling relationship with another person, it is important to feel balanced and accomplished in your own life. “It’s a sign that your partner will not be seen as a means to fill a void or escape from reality, but rather as a true companion who will add even more joy and value to your already rich existence” adds the psychologist.

Be willing to share responsibilities

A commitment is not only about sharing the good times, but also the responsibilities and challenges that are part of life as a couple. “In other words, if a person is ready to face the unexpected and the difficulties of everyday life, with their partner, it is a sign of a serious commitment.