Belen in a bikini with a baby bump in the Maldives: on Instagram silences the controversy

Belen in a bikini with a baby bump in the Maldives: on Instagram silences the controversy

Belen with the belly in a bikini leaves you breathless. And on Instagram the truth about the trip to the Maldives is revealed: he is there for work

Belen pregnant, the most beautiful photos of the second pregnancy

Belen Rodriguez shares on her Instagram profile a photo in a bikini with a baby bump while in the Maldives and is simply gorgeous. And between one comment and another, the truth about the reason for the trip emerges, which has raised quite a few controversies.

Belen and Antonino Spinalbese flew to the Maldives, communicating their transfer to the world by posting some photos on Instagram. Of course, the sudden journey of the showgirl and the hair stylist aroused quite a few discontent among the couple, given that in the midst of the pandemic they decided to relax by the sea, when even traveling between municipalities in Italy is prohibited.

To tell the truth, there is an explanation for this journey by Belen and Antonino and it emerges from a series of clues on Instagram. In particular, the Argentine showgirl posted a photo in a bikini where she poses as a little mermaid among the waves, showing the baby bump of the ever-growing sweet expectation. Rodriguez seems to be relaxing, but in reality it is the shot of a shooting made for her swimwear line that she shares with her sister Cecilia who could say hello to her boyfriend Ignazio Moser for a while, ready to the Island of the Famous.

The origin of the bikini photo is revealed by Belen herself who clearly refers to the brand and perhaps to a maternity line in the caption of the image: "ME FUI #sizelarge @mefuireal". But this would not be the only evidence attesting to the beautiful Argentine's business trip.

In fact, scrolling through the many comments, we find that of the always well-informed Amedeo Venza, influencer and gossip expert who explicitly responds to those who criticize Belen and Spinalbese. The showgirl is in the Maldives "for work". And this should silence the controversy.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez's followers rush to compliment her beauty, first of all mom Veronica Cozzani. Pregnancy, if possible, has made it even more enchanting. "Beautiful" and "stupendous" are the adjectives most used to describe it. And of course there are those who reveal their envy: "I look at you and feel healthy envy! Blessed, enjoy every moment 😍 ".

Moreover, it is not the first time that Belen shows herself in a bikini during this pregnancy. He had already done it in Milan, enjoying the first warm spring sun.

Belen Rodriguez

Belen Rodriguez in bikini on Instagram

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