Better to live in Europe for a stress-free life

Better to live in Europe for a stress-free life

Do sports, stop smoking, devote more time to yourself, but also avoid unnecessary episodes of stress. To this last resolution, a study provides a solution: that of choosing the country, or rather the city, which will help you achieve your objective. Because it’s easier not to be stressed when you live in Vienna, Austria, than in Mumbai, India.

The waste that litters the streets not far from the trash cans, the endless traffic jams, the noise generated by so many cars stuck in traffic jams, prices in stores that are far too high to really benefit from your remuneration… These are so many everyday situations that can prevent you from being happy. Worse, these are elements that mark our routine and are capable of causing stress, even anxiety.

Ranking of the most stressed cities

While it is normal to get annoyed by the little hassles of everyday life, in the long term some of these details lead to living with difficulty. And it is in this context that the ranking spotted by Forbes magazine is as concerning as it is interesting. The New York publication reports the creation of a list targeting the cities in the world where people are the most stressed. The investigation was carried out by an insurance company for expatriates, William Russell.

To avoid stress, we should take into account not only cleanliness, but also the quality of green spaces and check whether we are safe when we belong to the LGBTQI+ community.

Europe generally less stressful

In 2023, the Austrian capital stands out as the destination to recommend for a stress-free year. A position which can be explained, among other things, by an extremely low poverty rate. Furthermore, Vienna would be the safest city for LGBTQI+ people. If you’re planning a life abroad, Munich in Central Europe and Edinburgh in Scotland are other options. But, beyond the designation of these cities, it is above all Europe that shines as a vacation spot for a life far from anxiety.

The old continent indeed shines at the bottom of this ranking which starts with the most stressful places in the world. Examples include Copenhagen (Denmark), Madrid (Spain), Birmingham (United Kingdom) and Barcelona (Spain), London and Manchester (United Kingdom). Note in passing the strong presence of Great Britain within this top 10.

On the other side of the scale, we first find India, through Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, considered to be the most stressful destinations in the world. Poverty rates logically explain the positions of these Indian megacities while Nairobi, Kenya, which is third in the ranking, is weakened by its lack of security promised to LGBTQI+ people.