Blue Monday: three reflexes to adopt to boost your morale and mentality

Blue Monday: three reflexes to adopt to boost your morale and mentality

What was just a banal advertising concept turned into a depressing day, and even the most depressing day of the year. Rainy weather, fatigue, finances at half mast, lack of motivation: the third Monday of January is considered a sort of black hole into which everyone sinks and indulges in a certain melancholy. But there is no question of giving in to the ambient gloom, here are three reflexes to adopt to spend this day under the best auspices.

We telework with our cat

What if we put a little trust in our four-legged companions to combat stress and dark thoughts? Studies, surveys, and testimonials agree that pets, and particularly dogs and cats, are a source of happiness and a way to reduce stress. Researchers from Washington State University showed in 2019 that short interactions with dogs or cats helped reduce certain tensions by significantly reducing the level of cortisol, the stress hormone. According to scientists, just 10 minutes of caresses, games, or other interactions helped reduce this stress. If you share your life with a ball of fur, there is no doubt that this Blue Monday will go as well as the other days of the year.

We turn to Mother Nature

There are countless studies that highlight the virtues of Mother Nature on mental health. Scientists are unanimous on the subject, explaining how essential it is to spend time in green (and blue) spaces to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Published in the journal Public Health in Practice, a survey carried out by researchers at the University of Tsukuba in Japan reveals that taking a breath of fresh air in a forest or in green spaces, at least once a week, would reduce work-related stress and better manage daily pressure. And she’s not the only one.

Others have also suggested that prolonged or more frequent exposure to nature helps limit the use of medications and may also reduce socioeconomic inequalities in mental health. If it is unlikely that your boss will put you in the green for this Blue Monday, it is strongly recommended to take advantage of a walk in nature during the day, or the week, to recharge your batteries in order to continue this start of year off to a good start.

We wear blue

In the absence of glitter, don’t hesitate to put some blue in your life on this supposedly most depressing day of the year. Contrary to popular belief, it is not flashy colors that make you happy, but blue. It would even be the official color of happiness! A shame when we know that the most depressing day of the year has been called ‘Blue Monday’. A study carried out by researchers at the University of Sussex, relayed by the Daily Mail in 2009, tells us that blue would stimulate happiness, reduce stress, and improve self-confidence. Color lifts the morale of both men and women, even if the former are equally happy with green, while the latter also find happiness with purple and orange. All that remains is to transform your daily wardrobe to ensure you see life.