Bodybuilding, weightlifting… A doctor warns against three very dangerous exercises

Bodybuilding, weightlifting... A doctor warns against three very dangerous exercises

Are you a fan of bodybuilding and/or weightlifting? Be careful, certain exercises can expose you to the risk of disability, warns a doctor on social networks.

On social networks, the neurosurgeon by the name of Dr. Z warned Internet users. Three errors, frequently made during bodybuilding and weightlifting sessions, could in fact lead to muscle fractures and spinal cord injuries.

Injuries and a “lifelong” risk of disability

On Tiktok that “Dr Z” sounded the alarm. According to him, many people addicted to weightlifting perform dangerous movements and exercises in the gym; which may lead to “lifelong damage“.

If you do these exercises, you could be at risk of serious injury” he said in the video, which has nearly 85,000 views.

Three exercises are particularly dangerous

One of the worst exercises, Dr. Z believes, is using a “leg press” (which focuses on working the muscles of the lower body).

Concretely, the person lies on their back and pushes a plate with their feet. But this exercise, often reproduced during squats, can lead to “hyperextension injury of the knees“.

Therefore, “cit could seriously injure the tendons inside the knee“, confided the specialist.

The right attitude to adopt? “Do not lock your legs when using a leg press“, advises the doctor.”Otherwise, you run the risk of major surgery.”.

Another dangerous exercise: the clean and jerk. This is a combination of two weightlifting movements performed while holding a barbell.

The problem ? If the weight supported is excessive, loss of balance quickly occurs.

If the weight is too heavy, it may fall on the neck, which could then lead to spinal cord injury“, assures Dr. Z.

He therefore recommends practicing this exercise with caution.

Finally, the last movement (the most dangerous) involves sitting down and holding a barbell with both hands. It’s about “preacher curl“.

If you extend your elbows through a full range of motion with heavy dumbbells, you could very well tear the tendons in your biceps“, said the expert. “Most often this happens in one arm, but it can certainly happen in both arms at the same time.”

However, if this incident occurs, “major reconstructive surgery” will have to be considered.

Be careful, the accidents contained in this video may offend the most sensitive people.

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