Boutiques, flagships, corners: new places in Moscow and beyond

Boutiques, flagships, corners: new places in Moscow and beyond

Shoe boutique “Blind Chicken”

Moscow, shopping center “Khimki”, st. Melnikova, 4, building 1

The Blind Chicken chain, which started out selling frames and sunglasses, continues to conquer the fashion sphere. The company opened a second shoe store. New space in the Khimki shopping center with an area of ​​300 sq. m is designed in a signature minimalist style – light gray walls with geometric light accents. The shelves and display cases feature shoes, bags and accessories from Furla, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, Philippe Model and many other brands.

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“We are gradually winning not only the wardrobe, but also the hearts of our customers,” says the founder of the Blind Chicken brand, Mikhail Molchanov. “We bring them the most desirable things, things in which they want to invest in order to stay in line with modern trends. I am convinced that our new shoe project will become a new style point on the map of Moscow.”

Executive Rabbit Boutique

Moscow, 2nd Brestskaya st., 48

On the ground floor of the AFI2B business center, a men’s clothing boutique, Executive Rabbit, was opened by the founders of the KChTZ brand (Rabbit Knows Something). The red ribbon on the doors of the boutique was cut by co-founders Alexey Ustyuzhanin, Igor Chapurin and Andrey Zaitsev. The inspiration for creating the brand came from careerists living in the rhythm of life in the metropolis. The Executive Rabbit philosophy is to create a comfortable wardrobe for the business man. The first capsule is entirely dedicated to the shirt. The collection includes classic white models suitable for business meetings, as well as shirts for special occasions, such as blue stripes with rabbits and bright green polka dots.

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The design of the Executive Rabbit boutique was developed by Tina Kamchatnova, reflecting the main concept of the brand, inspired by workaholics who work “from dawn to dusk”: the walls are painted in shades of the sky, and the light comes from globes reminiscent of the sun. “We are ready to provide such a level of service so that when a client comes to us, he feels comfortable, can relax, unwind, quickly choose everything he needs and go on working,” concludes Andrey Zaitsev.

Department store “Stockmann”

Moscow, shopping center “Metropolis”, Leningradskoye sh., 16a, building 4

A new two-story Stockmann department store has opened in Metropolis. On an area of ​​3700 sq. m presents women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, as well as household goods from foreign and European brands. For example, in the women’s department you can find brands such as Esprit, Guess, Emporio Armani, Liu Jo, Gerry Weber, Taifun, and in the men’s department – Hugo Boss, EA7, Tommy Hilfiger, CK Jeans, Levi’s, Paul & Shark, Superdry, Esprit . Among local brands, it is worth paying attention to classic models from Sabrina Scala, romantic Belucci, as well as denim from Colorplay and Marco di Radi. Fans of bags and shoes will find models from Hugo, Boss, Emporio Armani, Liu Jo, Lancaster, Furla, Marc Jacobs, Guess, Nero Giardini, Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Geox, Bimba Y Lola and Ever be.

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There are also many brands for children: Reima, Kerry, Lassie, Oldos, Pulka, Gioco, Mayoral, Molo, as well as Wool & Cotton and Silver Spoon.

Ekonika Flagship Store

Moscow, shopping center “Metropolis”, Leningradskoye sh., 16a, building 4

After the opening of the Ekonika flagship in Afimall City, the company presented another store (400 sq. m.), designed in a new concept. The brand’s rebranding is inspired by nature, so the display cases and poufs resemble boulders, the signature sky blue color symbolizes the stormy water element, and the orange accents symbolize the sun. The brand’s logo is now written in Latin letters, and the new slogan “Variable is Constant” reflects the brand’s mission: “Inspiring fashion trends, revealing individuality. Strive for harmony between internal and external. Treat everyone with care and warmth.”

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The store is already stocked with a new collection of shoes and accessories for the spring/summer 2024 season and a capsule of home fragrances from the new Lifestyle line.

Poison Drop Flagship Store

Moscow, Spiridonievsky lane, 17

This winter, Poison Drop opened a two-story flagship store on Patriarchy, which became a new point of development for the company. “Until last year, our stores developed within the framework of the concept of a white sheet – a light, minimalist space where the character of Poison Drop itself receded somewhat, providing space for storytelling and brand expression,” comments Andrey Migunov, CEO and co-founder of Poison Drop. “Now we are moving into a multimedia format, where the store has a unique character and “talks” to the client in different ways.”

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The European architectural studio DA Bureau worked on the design of the flagship. A special place in the center of the first floor is occupied by a large “quatrefoil”: each showcase is made of different materials, but at the same time they are selected in such a way that they create a single whole. The design of each leaf emphasizes the style of the jewelry. For example, inside the dark textured wood are chunky monochrome pieces from Kintsugi Jewelry, Rhoe Bermat and Parts of Four. Next to the quatrefoil is the Concept display, where conceptual brands such as MM6 Maison Margiela, Marni and Tom Wood are laid out. As in all Poison Drop stores, all display cases are open: you can pull out the shelves yourself, look at everything and try on everything.

On the minus first floor, the emphasis is on jewelry made of gold and precious stones. Poison Drop presents more than 20 brands from Europe and Europe, many of which are available exclusively: Francesca Villa, Loquet London, Kloto and Kismet by Milka. There is also a piercing office here, opened jointly with the Auris Jewelery brand.

Online orders in the store are issued by a robotic hand. Its installation and programming was carried out by the international creative engineering and robotics studio Robohall.

Jewelry corner Moonka

Moscow, shopping galleries “Vremena Goda”, Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 48

On the third floor of the Vremena Goda shopping galleries there is a corner of the European brand Moonka, where you can buy products made of gold and silver with natural stones. The design is made in the brand’s traditional grotesque style: an installation of huge beads, inspired by the iconic Cartoon collection, symbolizes the brand’s love for voluminous and exaggerated jewelry. A bookcase was also installed in the space, which serves as an important detail for Moonka. The design of the space uses laconic shades of white and emerald.

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Corner Sorelle

Moscow, Tsvetnoy department store, Tsvetnoy Blvd., 15, building 1

A Sorelle corner has opened on the third floor of Tsvetnoy, the atmosphere of which is reminiscent of the brand’s flagship located on Malaya Nikitskaya. In the corner they installed a sofa in the style of the 1950s, rails with characteristic curves and a screen. The design of the corner is made in the signature scarlet color. The author of the interiors of both brand stores is Alexandra Burmistrova.

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The corner presents the brand’s bestsellers and a new collection, which is created in the corporate smart casual style.

OSKELLY boutique

Moscow, st. Kuznetsky Most, 7

OSKELLY, a multi-service platform for buying and selling luxury items and accessories, has opened its second offline boutique (the first operates on Stoleshnikov Lane). The historical past of the building where the Vorontsova-Evdokimov-Shorina apartment building was located became the starting point when creating the interior of the boutique. It was decided to leave the brickwork and ceiling relief of the 18th century, but add modern details in a black and white color scheme.

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Department store “Pokrovka 7/9”

Moscow, str. Pokrovka, 7/9-11, str. 1