Bridal makeup: an expert Bobbi Brown reveals all her tips

Bridal makeup: an expert Bobbi Brown reveals all her tips

Whether you decide to do your own makeup or have your wedding makeup done, expert advice is always welcome.

The wedding season generally runs from May to September. To properly prepare for this event, D-day makeup is essential. Discover the advice of Laura Jubin, pro artist of the Bobbi Brown brand.

Bridal essentials for perfect makeup

Prepare your skin

Use the iconic 2-in-1 vitamin moisturizer and makeup primer to hydrate and ensure makeup stays on all day.

Even out the complexion

It is essential to find the right shade of foundation before the big day. For this, it is better to seek advice from the store or ask your makeup artist for tips to avoid failures.

Brighten the eyes

Opt for the Belini Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick for a sparkling look.

Adopt radiant lips

Better to go for natural lips. Special mention for the Crushed Oil Infused Gloss New Romantic by Bobbi Brown.

Don't forget eyebrow waxing

It is recommended to maintain your eyebrows once a month, then a week before the big day to avoid redness.

Advice from LAURA JUBIN, pro artist Bobbi Brown

“To achieve a successful wedding look, the most important rule is to remain yourself. Choose makeup that suits you and with which you will feel confident to enjoy these magical moments. Focus on a natural and glowy complexion to a healthy glow and great photos!”

The beauty TO DO before the big day

The Bobbi Brown brand recommends “a vitamin lesson” before the big day, with an LED mask, a Kobido-style facial massage, 3 months before the wedding then 1 week before to reveal the radiance of your skin, for a healthy glow. .

Finally, remember to rest well the week before the wedding and drink plenty of water to properly hydrate your body and skin.

On the big day, make the most of these precious and magical moments!