‘Bride effect’: becoming “the most attractive woman in the room”, a booming trend

'Bride effect': becoming "the most attractive woman in the room", a booming trend

Is the wedding dress about to replace everyday clothing? We’re not there yet, but certain details of the future wife’s outfit are currently popular on social networks. The reason ? They would allow you to stand out and be the center of all attention, to the point of becoming “the most attractive woman in the room”. It’s the TikTokers who say it!

They say it’s the dream of all little girls – some at least: to wear a white dress adorned with lace, tulle, and other frills, accessorized with elements and details, each more chic and precious than the next. , and dream of being the queen of the evening. The wedding dress, although having evolved considerably in recent years, remains an institution, to the point of being at the heart of a trend that has gone viral: the ‘bride effect’ in French. . But what is this aesthetic that is causing the buzz on social networks? And why is it currently unanimous?

At the heart of attention

Just type the hashtag #brideeffect on the Chinese social network to discover a multitude of videos explaining or featuring this famous ‘bride effect’, including demonstrations and tutorials. And the followers of this very specific aesthetic are unanimous, it is not yet another style or a new inspiration, but a sort of strategy intended for “those who want or need to be the woman the most attractive girl in the room. In any case, this is what user @queen.vee.bee explains, whose video has already amassed more than two million views, and which has allowed the trend to spread at high speed on social networks. . As you will have understood, it’s about digging into the bride’s wardrobe to be the center of attention yourself.

@queen.vee.bee How to be the most attractive woman in the room. There is no wonder other woman cant wear white in the wedding. #style #attractive ♬ original sound – SHE KNOWS🌶

It is not a question of putting on the first wedding dress you come across, even the most minimalist one, but of taking inspiration from the ‘bride-to-be’ wardrobe to succeed in attracting attention in a more subtle way. The first step is to wear white – jumpsuit, top or dress – a color that allows you to stand out in the crowd, if only because it symbolizes rarity and brilliance. Secondly, it is advisable to focus on jewelry synonymous with elegance and purity, particularly adorned with crystals or diamonds, but without bling-bling. The idea is simple: less is more, the height of chic. It is therefore not a question of wearing a lot of jewelry, but of making a choice between a necklace, earrings, or even a bracelet.

These three elements would constitute the essence of the ‘bride effect’ which would therefore make it possible to stand out and attract attention. A method to experiment with if necessary, and why not on Valentine’s Day when trends are already predicting a myriad of dresses and other red clothing, a color supposed to be at the heart of trends at the start of 2024.

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