Can narcissistic people make good parents?

Can narcissistic people make good parents?

This is a question that we can naturally ask ourselves: do narcissistic people – and mothers in particular – make good parents? Do they have this ability to devote themselves to others, more particularly to their own child, despite their pathology? Insights from Siyana Mincheva, psychologist.

Can people affected by narcissistic personality disorder be good parents? The question arises because people affected by this mental condition “lack empathy“and present”a feeling of superiority called megalomania” explains psychologist Siyana Mincheva. “More concretely, it is a constant need to be admired and complimented.” she adds.

A disorder that is accompanied by other pathologies

So is it possible to raise a child in good conditions? For Siyana Mincheva, it seems difficult. “People affected by this disorder narcissistic personality tend to underestimate the abilities of others and have an exaggerated view of their worth. They also tend to denigrate others, to hang out with people they find ‘special’ and who meet their expectations.” she further explains.

But beyond the disorder itself, other pathologies can affect these patients, such as depression or anorexia. “There is also sometimes substance abuse or other personality disorders associated“.

Good in his body, good in his head!

Does the maternal instinct exist in these women?

Furthermore, it is entirely possible that mothers who have been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder still have a maternal instinct, if we define it as the desire to take care of a child.

But this instinct will not allow a narcissistic personality to raise a baby correctly, according to Siyana Mincheva. “A person affected by narcissistic personality disorder lives with too high demands and thinks that they are entitled to everything.” she specifies. “She risks exploiting her child – even unconsciously – to achieve her own ends and he will have no room to assert himself or have freedom of choice”.

Is motherhood impossible for these women? “In my opinion, a woman affected by this disorder and who wishes to become a mother must first seek treatment before considering motherhood” recommends Siyana Mincheva. Otherwise, it will not be possible to establish a “healthy relationship” in this situation. “It would even be dangerous for a child to grow up with a mother affected by this disorder.” concludes the expert.