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Can we really do without mutual insurance?

Can we really do without mutual insurance?

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How much would your healthcare costs be without mutual insurance? Did you know that the average cost of a day of hospitalization in Europe varies considerably depending on the establishment? This can increase from 1370 euros to 3000 euros per day. Even if social security covers 80% of these costs, 20% still remains your responsibility if you do not have mutual insurance, i.e. an amount ranging between €274 and €600 per day.

Chez TOP HEALTH INSURANCE, we take care of the remainder to be paid. No more financial worries during your hospitalization, because accommodation costs are just the tip of the iceberg. Medical costs, test fees, medications, it all adds up quickly.

Your expenses are covered, and you can experience your hospitalization peacefully, without financial stress.

As players in the healthcare field, we are committed to seeking ways to optimize costs while ensuring quality care for our patients.

This overview of hospital costs in Europe is the starting point for a constructive discussion on the future of our health system.

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