Dissecting the Assistance of a Mutual Fund

Dissecting the Assistance of a Mutual Fund

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Your health insurance is not only there to cover your medical expenses; it can also offer you a range of valuable assistance. Do you know what your contract may include?

1️⃣ Assistance to the person: Your mutual insurance company can go beyond medical care by offering home assistance. In the event of hospitalization, even on an outpatient basis, the majority of mutual insurance companies offer home help and childcare services to relieve the burden on families.

2️⃣ Psychological assistance: Mental health is just as important as physical health. Your mutual insurance can include support in cases of stress, anxiety or emotional disorders through 6 fully covered sessions with a psychologist. Professional help with mental well-being can be a valuable asset in addition to the 7 reimbursements offered directly by Social Security

3️⃣ Medical teleconsultation: Modern health insurance plans often offer access to online doctors 24/7. You can consult a healthcare professional in just a few clicks, without leaving the comfort of your home. A convenient option, especially outside office hours.

4️⃣ Travel assistance: If you travel frequently, a mutual insurance company can offer you worldwide coverage. In the event of a health problem abroad, you benefit from assistance to ensure that you receive the necessary care, without advance of costs thanks to the European social security card or with advance of costs but reimbursed outside the EU.

5️⃣ Second medical opinion: When it comes to important health decisions, it’s reassuring to get a second opinion. Some mutual insurance companies offer a second medical opinion service, allowing you to obtain the opinion of two health professionals in less than 7 days and for 300 different pathologies from the greatest specialists

6️⃣ Online pharmacy: Convenience is key these days, and some health plans allow you to order medications online. You can save time and energy by obtaining your prescriptions in just a few clicks and delivered in less than 24 hours.

What are the advantages of Top Santé Assurance?

Chez TOP HEALTH INSURANCE, from €11.05/monthwe provide you in addition to all these options,

At any time:

  • Social advice
  • Legal and medical information
  • Looking for doctors, nurses, medical workers
  • Connecting with a home service provider
  • In case of hospitalization:
  • Pet care
  • Childcare
  • Carrying meals
  • Medication delivery
  • Presence of a loved one
  • Home help
  • Post-operative medical follow-up

A mutual insurance contract is not simply health insurance, but a versatile tool that can improve your quality of life. Make sure you understand all the support included in your own contract to get the most out of it. These benefits can help give you peace of mind, whether it’s your physical or mental health.

It is important to note that the availability of this assistance may vary from one plan to another, so take the time to carefully review the details of your mutual plan to take full advantage of them.

Top health insurance is also:

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