Can you get sick if you eat meat again after being vegetarian (for a month or years)?

Can you get sick if you eat meat again after being vegetarian (for a month or years)?

Some people decide to go without meat, for the duration of a diet or for a longer period of time. But if they decide to eat it again, are they at risk of getting sick? Answers from Alexandra Murcier, dietician-nutritionist.

During the month of January, did you take on the Veganuary challenge, by stopping eating meat for the whole month? Are you vegetarian or vegan but would like to eat meat again? In this case, people wonder if they risk getting sick by becoming “carnivorous” again. Our expert answers them.

No risk in eating meat again?

Can eating meat again, after a month (or more) of stopping, make you sick? For our expert Alexandra Murcier, dietician-nutritionist, the answer is no. “It’s safe to eat meat again.” believes Alexandra Murcier, dietitian-nutritionist. However, she notes an important point. “But be careful: as our digestive system gets used to our diet, it may be that sometimes, after a long period of not consuming meat, we digest it less well than before.”

Plant proteins are more easily absorbed than animal proteins. in fact, the gallbladder may have tended to produce less bile acids; it will have to be given a little time to adapt otherwise it will suffer from digestive problems.

How to (re)become a carnivore?

To avoid risking digestive discomfort after your meal, there are several solutions. Alexandra Murcier’s advice applies to people who have taken on the Veganuary challenge, as well as those who are long-term vegetarians or vegans who want to eat meat again.

  • Favor lean meats: The expert first recommends avoiding fatty meats, such as red meats: “Sheep, beef or pork are the most difficult to digest. she recalls. You might as well avoid them at first so as not to suffer from bloating, constipation, etc.
  • Moderate the quantities: The second tip is to moderate the quantities eaten at each meal. “When reintroducing meat, do so slowly, in small quantities.” she advises. No question of launching into an orgy of red meat after weeks or months of vegetarianism!
  • Avoid mixing it with other cooked fats: exit fresh cream, butter, and frying in general, “in order to lighten digestion“. The quantity of fats ingested will directly have an impact on your “digestive capacity”.

In conclusion, “It’s all a question of personal tolerance from a digestive point of view” according to our expert. If you follow this advice and favor a gradual change, you should no longer feel digestive discomfort after a fortnight.

Avoiding the harmful health effects of red meat

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