Carrefour: this rice for dessert is now prohibited for sale

Carrefour: this rice for dessert is now prohibited for sale

Marketed throughout Europe, special round rice for dessert is the subject of a product recall. The reason ? The latter has a metallic trace element that can be harmful to health. Explanations.

Be careful if you have just bought a packet of special dessert rice for the preparation of your rice pudding or for any other rice-based dessert. According to the government site Rappel Conso, a packet of special round rice for dessert is no longer available for sale. Sold in Carrefour supermarkets throughout Europe until August 11, 2023, this product can make you sick. Indeed, traces of cadmium have been reported. Find out which batch it is.

Stop using this product!

As ANSES points out, cadmium is a “ubiquitous substance in our environment” that can “cause risks to human health, mainly exposed through food”. This is why, for your health, Rappel Conso strongly advises not to consume this incriminated batch. Here is the information you need to know about this special dessert rice from the Carrefour brand:

  • Product Category: Food;
  • Product Sub-Category: Cereals and Baked Goods;
  • Product Brand Name: Carrefour Classic;
  • Names of models or references: Round rice special dessert bag of 500g;
  • GTIN : 3560071017422 ;
  • Lot : 313011 ;
  • Date of minimum durability: 05/10/2025;
  • Packaging: 500g bag;
  • Marketing start/end date: Until 08/11/2023;
  • Storage temperature: Product to be stored at room temperature;
  • Geographical area of ​​sale: entire Europe;
  • Distributors: Carrefour.

What is the procedure to follow ?

Still according to the dangerous product alerts site, this batch of rice shows traces of cadmium at a threshold exceeding the maximum residual limit. Other heavy metals such as lead or mercury may also be present.

Cadmium is a metallic trace element very present naturally in the environment but also due to human activity (agricultural and industrial). “Known as carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic for reproduction, cadmium causes kidney damage and bone fragility in humans during prolonged exposure, particularly orally via food and drinking water”, warns ANSES. According to Conso Reminder, “This substance could present a health risk in the event of significant and repeated consumption”.

Consumers who have purchased this product are therefore strongly advised to stop using it. However, it is possible to return it to the point of sale. A refund will then be offered as compensation. For all requests for additional information, it is possible to contact the consumer service at 0805500120, Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (non-surcharged call).