CES 2024: three innovations that will make your beauty routine easier

CES 2024: three innovations that will make your beauty routine easier

The annual high mass of technology and innovation is coming to an end, leaving behind a myriad of new gadgets – and great discoveries – poised to revolutionize our daily lives. This is the case in the cosmetics sector where new technologies, including artificial intelligence, aim to facilitate and optimize consumers’ beauty routines. Proof in three!

Lip diagnosis, care and makeup

After unveiling last year a device capable of concocting tailor-made treatments at home, the South Korean giant AmorePacific has distinguished itself with a new innovation focused on lip care. The ‘Lipcure Beam’ incorporates sensors that allow the condition of the lips, including hydration levels, to be diagnosed by simply passing it over the mouth. Once this first step has been completed, simply remove the cap from the container which contains an applicator. Which emits personalized light based on the established diagnosis, all interacting with a photosensitive material to strengthen the collagen fibers and form a hydrating barrier. Not only does this innovation slow down the aging process of the lips, but it also colors the lips via a universal system to adapt to all skin tones. The icing on the cake is that it is portable and can be used easily anywhere.

A customizable ‘econological’ hair dryer

Smoother and better hydrated hair, whatever the texture and needs, in record time – or almost: that’s the promise made by L’Oréal with its AirLight Pro hair dryer. Inseparable from CES, the cosmetics group presented this innovation which combines infrared light technology and air flow to preserve hair hydration while reducing energy consumption by up to 31%. And that’s not all, at a time of personalization in the beauty sector, the AirLight Pro is accompanied by software and an application which offer the possibility of carrying out tailor-made drying according to hair type. Everything was designed in partnership with the startup Zuvi. “With more than 150 patents, AirLight Pro perfectly embodies (the) beauty revolution, by providing for the first time a drying solution that takes care of hair and the planet,” underlines Barbara Lavernos, deputy general manager in charge of Research, Innovation and Technology.

Smart leggings that stimulate muscles

Beauty and fitness are now one – or almost – with consumers favoring ‘inner’ care to shine from the outside. And it is not this innovation presented at CES 2024 that will change the situation, on the contrary. Biotechnology company Barun Bio has unveiled a pair of leggings, unlike any other, featuring patented WE-Stim (for “Wearing Electrical Stimulation”) technology. Available in several colors, the sports clothing is equipped with conductive materials which use the energy produced by the body in movement (during physical activity) to generate micro-currents intended to stimulate the muscles, and therefore to increase the performance. Enough to motivate yourself to move more in 2024.