‘Chai Latte Nails’, the ultimate chic and indulgent manicure popularized by J. Lo

'Chai Latte Nails', the ultimate chic and indulgent manicure popularized by J. Lo

Stop everything! We thought the pumpkin spice latte was at the origin of the nail polish, coloring, and make-up trends for fall, but it could ultimately be a match with another drink considered comforting: the chai latte. Jennifer Lopez has already made her choice, showing up at New York Fashion Week with a manicure directly inspired by the famous subtly spiced tea.

It’s a bottomless pit! We can no longer count the manicures and make-up inspirations inspired by the drinks of the moment, whether milky or caffeinated, to the point of observing real emulation on social networks. However, it is neither users nor content creators who are behind the latest trend, “Chai Latte Nails”, but Jennifer Lopez herself. A single photo of the American star at New York Fashion Week allowed this gourmet inspiration to be propelled to the top of fall’s flagship manicures.

Tell me what you drink, I’ll tell you how you should wear makeup… This aphorism, certainly less well known than others, could establish itself as the new standard in beauty. And for good reason, drinks, whatever they may be, are at the origin of the makeup inspirations of the moment. A phenomenon that began before summer, with the unexpected success of ‘latte makeup’, as well as its many variants including espresso makeup, and should not end with autumn, quite the contrary.

The ultimate chic

We recently saw it with the ‘Pumpkin Spice Make-up’, a beauty treatment inspired by one of America’s favorite drinks at this time of year, already available in nail polish and hair color, and this now continues with ‘Chai Latte Nails’, a manicure again derived from a hot and comforting drink which heralds the arrival of gray and rainy days. And this time it’s a trend highlighted by a beauty icon, Jennifer Lopez herself, and carried out by a manicure juggernaut: Tom Bachik, the nail artist behind the perfect hands and nails of the All-Hollywood, and then some.

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For New York Fashion Week, Jennifer Lopez appeared with a manicure as simple as it was chic, made from an ultra-shiny taupe shade. A beauty look that Tom Bachik published on his Instagram account, accompanied by the caption “Chai Latte Chic at #NYFW”. It didn’t take much for a new trend to emerge, inspired by a flagship drink, which is associated with fall. The nail artist to the stars specifies that he created this taupe-lavender shade by mixing two colors, including the shade ‘Chai Latte’ from the Aprés brand, to match the manicure to the eye shadow of the singer of the song “On the Floor “.

Pumpkin spice latte VS chai latte

Which pumpkin spice latte or chai latte will triumph, both in the world of beauty and gastronomy, next season? Which amounts to asking if you are more spicy tea or coffee… If we rely on the influence of these two drinks on social networks, it is clear that coffee enriched with semi-skimmed milk, foam and pumpkin spice syrup, launched by Starbucks just twenty years ago, is one step ahead. A few days before the start of autumn, it has more than 400 million views, compared to ‘only’ 130 million for the chai latte. It remains to be seen whether this success will be as dazzling in the world of beauty.

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