“Charlene of Monaco is in Dubai after a failed cosmetic surgery”

According to royal expert Pilar Eyre, Charlene of Monaco went into hiding in Dubai after being disfigured by cosmetic surgery, denying Alberto

Charlene of Monaco, the twins turn 7 years old

Charlene of Monaco would be in Dubai to recover from a cosmetic surgery gone bad. The Princess would be in voluntary exile to avoid prying eyes. This is what Spanish real affairs expert Pilar Eyre claims.

Charlene of Monaco disfigured by cosmetic surgery

From the pages of Lectura, Pilar Eyre argues that Charlene of Munich was disfigured by a poorly performed cosmetic surgery. It denies the statements of Alberto and del Palazzo according to which the Princess is hospitalized in a clinic, presumably in Switzerland, to recover mentally and physically from the serious ear, nose and throat infection that struck her last May and forced her for months to stay in South Africa.

The expert told another version of the facts: Charlene would have taken refuge in Dubai to hide and recover from the consequences of a tweak that went wrong. Thunders Pilar Eyre from her blog: “Charlene of Monaco’s alleged disease is not such”.

Charlene of Monaco, Albert’s version

Of course, Albert of Monaco did not comment on these rumors. The Prince told Paris Match a while ago that his wife does not have an incurable disease but that a period of hospitalization in the clinic was necessary to recover from the great exhaustion in which the infection left her. Voices have spoken of problems related to nutrition and sleep disorders that have caused her to be addicted to sleeping pills from which she must detoxify.

The Prince then reiterated that there are no couple problems between them but that the separation from Charlene is due exclusively to her state of health.

Since returning to Monaco, the Princess has never appeared in public except for the official photos taken on her return. Immediately, she moved away from the spotlight and shortly after the Palazzo announced her hospitalization in a center far from Monte Carlo, but, according to Alberto, easily accessible from the Principality.

Charlene of Monaco, her silence

Charlene appeared on social media on December 10 to wish happy birthday to the twins, Jacques and Gabriella, sharing some photos of her children intent on blowing out the candles. The former swimmer has never spoken since she returned about her illness and health condition. And obviously no one has mentioned where he really is, whether in a Swiss clinic for 300 thousand euros a month or in Dubai.

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