Chicken meat: the mistakes not to make for a top result

Delicate and light, chicken meat is one of the most used but what are the mistakes not to make? Here’s what not to do for a top result.

There chicken meat is delicate and light, also often recommended in slimming diets and perfect for preparing numerous dishes thanks to its versatility and ease of preparation. Running into a mistake however, it is very simple.

meat chicken mistakes

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Whether it is a whole chicken, thighs or sliced ​​breast, cooking it is not difficult but you need to know what are the useful tricks. Also because being a lean meat it is easy to make it dry.

So let’s find out what the mistakes not to be made with chicken: from conservation, to cooking, passing through the seasoning. Here is what is best to avoid for a top result.

Here are the mistakes you shouldn’t make with chicken

Between white meats that of chicken is one of the most used in the kitchen. Easy and quick to prepare, it is therefore one of the most consumed by both adults and children. It is easy to cook and does not need who knows what ingredients to enhance it.

meat chicken mistakes

Source: Canva

However, many commit mistakes starting from when they buy it at the supermarket, conservation up to cooking methods. Let’s find out what not to do with chicken for a top result.

1) Wrong choice of meat. Many supermarkets sell chicken that is about to expire. A mistake is not checking the appearance in these cases. If you notice that the color of the meat tends to gray, it is best not to buy it or throw it away if we already have it in our refrigerator.

2) Badly store it. Many have a habit of buying chicken and then storing it for too many days in the refrigerator. A choice that can compromise health since the chicken once purchased must stay a maximum of one or two days in the refrigerator and then be cooked. If we can’t cook it, it’s better to freeze it. This is different if the chicken is already cooked, in this case we can keep it even for 3 days in the fridge without deteriorating.

3) Wash the chicken. One of the mistakes that many make is wash the chicken on the kitchen sink. A practice that many think is useful for removing impurities from chicken meat is to wash it before cooking it. However, this gesture can be harmful to health as it risks contaminating not only the sink but also the utensils and everything in the surroundings.

4) Don’t marinate it. Given that it is not an unforgivable mistake, and if we are in a hurry it is likely that we will not be able to do it, marinating chicken is certainly an operation that allows us to obtain a more delicious dish, as well as a more aromatic and tasty flavor, even the meat will be more tender and juicy.

5) Cook it at excessively high temperatures. If we opt to cook slices of chicken breast we will have to be careful not to cook them at excessively high temperatures otherwise we risk making them straw. The internal temperature of the chicken must be around 74 ° C.

6) Not knowing the tricks to not bother him. Here you can find the tricks for not cooking dry and stringy chicken meat.

7) Cook it too little. Unlike prolonged cooking or at too high temperatures, cooking chicken too little can be dangerous to health. Unlike red meat that is also eaten rare, chicken meat must be well cooked to avoid the risk of bacteria.