Christmas 2023: what are the trending toys?

Christmas 2023: what are the trending toys?

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While catalogs of games and toys are popping up in our mailboxes, what are the major trends for this year 2023? Focus on the games and toys that should be found under the tree on December 25.

As with every Christmas that approaches, the children begin to make their list for Santa. And the least we can say is that the choice is vast in terms of games and toys for this year 2023. What are the major trends that should please our dear little ones this Christmas? Focus on the trendy games and toys of 2023!

Storytellers and story boxes

In vogue with children for a while now, storytellers and other story boxes will still be present at the foot of the tree, like the Lunii story factory but also Tonies and her Tonibox (which works with small figurines) or the very pretty Wonderful Storyteller from Joyeuse, with her very decorated faces.

Superhero licenses

Superheroes always make children dream. This year, we should find among the gifts Paw Patrol, Harry Potter (which is celebrating its 25th anniversary), Star Wars, Pokemon, Miraculous, the Disney heroes, or even the Marvel superheroes.

Wooden toys

A Christmas classic that always has its effect. These solid toys with a rather long lifespan come in a thousand and one ways: puzzle, play table, construction game, imitation toy, early learning game… At every age, you can find a toy in wood suitable for children.

Fashion dolls and gothic dolls

Dolls are also sure to be all the rage this Christmas 2023. There are two trends in this category:

  • classic fashion dolls like Barbie (whose traditional Christmas Barbie is celebrating its 35th anniversary) or Disney princesses (notably the Frozen dolls, whose 10th anniversary is being celebrated);
  • gothic dolls or monsters from the universes of Monster High and Shadow High (rivals of the Rainbow High dolls).

Board games

Perfect games for bringing the family or group of friends together for wild games, whether around a card or board game. If the traditional Monopoly, Cluedo and Scrabble (and their numerous variations, particularly around popular licenses) will not fail to attract many players, others also stood out this year during the Toy Grands Prix:

  • Dodo de Iello, for children aged 6 and over. A cooperative game in which you have to save the dodo’s egg by building various elements;
  • Traitors on Board, a card game for ages 10 and up. The principle ? Demonstrate strategy and know how to bluff to unmask the mutineers and obtain the treasure;
  • Quiz in Vegas, a party game for ages 13 and up. It involves testing your general knowledge with various questions and betting on the answer that seems the most accurate to win the jackpot.

Interactive companions

Cat, dog, unicorn, penguin, bird, monkey… interactive companions can be found in all forms to the delight of children who want to cuddle and take care of an animal. Among the most popular at the moment, we can cite Bitzee, the interactive holographic animal from Spin Master (voted Toy of the Year and Grand Prize for interactive companion at the 2023 Grands Prix du Toy) or the dog Dog-E from Lansay ( awarded in the Robots category).

Some companions are also making a comeback like the Furby, whose 2023 edition is very colorful and has new features such as a “relax” mode with soft music, or the Tamagotchi, which now attaches to the wrist with the United Tamagotchi. New for this edition: the possibility of visiting the Tamaverse, where you can offer your pet a vacation, take it shopping or even marry it.

Toys that stimulate the imagination

Another category of toys that often hits the mark: toys that stimulate the imagination and thanks to which children can project themselves and imagine fabulous stories or adventures. Toys with modeling clay to create your own restaurant, sound toys and unique shapes for apprentice musicians or builders, super telescope to dream of being a scientist, car circuit to pretend like a racing driver… There is something for everyone tastes to satisfy intrepid children.

Timeless classics

If there are many new products in the games and toys department for this Christmas, we also find sure values ​​whose popularity remains strong over the years such as dinosaur toys, unicorn toys, toys based on certain licenses that children love (like Peppa Pig or Polly Pocket), Playmobil or even Lego, which appeal to both young and old.