‘Clean girl’, ‘glass skin’: skincare is establishing itself as the new star of beauty routines

'Clean girl', 'glass skin': skincare is establishing itself as the new star of beauty routines

Big change in the world of cosmetics! Beauty routines are getting a makeover at the dawn of the new year to (really) focus on the essentials. And in this little game, skincare is doing well to the detriment of certain make-up products, driven by a growing interest in naturally fresh and luminous complexions. The idea is no longer to hide imperfections, but to emphasize the beauty of the skin.

I love creams, I can’t live without them“. Beauty influencers and content creators seem to (re)discover the art of skincare, and no longer swear by makeup removers, cleansers, serums, exfoliants, masks, and other moisturizing creams, intended to care for the skin. Popularized in In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the concept of holistic beauty, which is characterized by a global vision of beauty (inner and outer), has made its way to completely reshuffle the cards of our beauty routines. up’, women seem to have found an in-between that corresponds more to their lifestyle and their needs. As you will have understood, it is not a question of skipping the makeup stage, but of putting everything in works to have glowing, healthy skin that just needs to be enhanced with a subtle beauty treatment.

The hybrid care boom

According to a report released by Circana (The NPD Group) last July, more than half of American makeup users (53%) are looking for hybrid makeup/skincare products, up six points compared to the previous year. ‘last year. Nourish the skin while evening out the complexion with tinted serums and CC creams, hydrate the lips while coloring them with tinted lip balms, smooth fine lines with tinted anti-aging creams, and nourish the eyelashes while by lengthening them using mascaras enriched with various active ingredients: hybrid, or two-in-one, treatments have experienced unprecedented growth in recent months. On Tiktok, the temple of beauty trends, the hashtag #hybridskincare has already generated more than eight million views, and this is only the beginning.

Beyond the time savings induced by these products, these new beauty routines reflect women’s desire to take care of their skin without neglecting the makeup step. A practice which inevitably brings Korean care, often focused on dual use, up to date. This is confirmed by a report carried out by the Fresha platform, which shows a “record” increase of 258% in Google searches for Korean skincare over the last five years. On TikTok, the hashtag #koreanskincare has more than 7.5 billion views, confirming the craze for such products.

Optimize your beauty routine

You only need to take a look at the new products presented by the major cosmetics brands, as well as those highlighted on social networks, to see that the emphasis today is on care – skincare. We can no longer count the techniques and tips intended to obtain a fresh and luminous complexion, but still natural, whether by fading your foundation as much as possible, by concocting ‘miracle’ treatments to imitate the effects of Botox, or to make your skincare routine even more effective (than it’s already supposed to be). It is – once again – not a question of giving up makeup, but of lightening it to simply enhance a ‘perfect’ skin texture – let’s say rather well-groomed.

This is reflected today in a surge in beauty treatments, whatever the name we give them, which give pride of place to this fresh and luminous, but not overly worked, complexion, which is so coveted. According to data made public by Fresha, searches for products aimed at achieving ‘glass skin’, which is characterized by a naturally fresh and crystal-clear complexion, have increased by 202% over the last five years, while The aesthetic has more than 4 billion views on the Asian platform. In the same vein, online searches for ‘glowy skin’ have increased by 178% globally in the last seven days, driven by internationally renowned influencers including Hailey Bieber, with a hashtag that flirts with 4 billion views on TikTok.

All these trends which converge towards lighter and natural makeup, but not completely neglected, come together under the aegis of the ‘clean girl’, queen of fresh and natural aesthetics, yet born during the year 2022. phenomenon which took hold slowly but which now seems set to last and shake up certain beauty habits. The proof with ‘high maintenance to be low maintenance’, a beauty routine based on demanding and expensive treatments to be carried out punctually to limit the time spent in the bathroom each morning. If we add to this a strong attraction for foods and supplements intended to nourish the skin from the inside, as well as for practices intended to improve its well-being, we are indeed tending towards a new conception of beauty. , based on holism, between aesthetics, physiology and psychology.

*Fresha used Google Trends to identify search spikes. The average search volume was calculated against the highest peak value in the trend graph to find the percentage increase.