“Compersion”, this derivative of empathy with many benefits

“Compersion”, this derivative of empathy with many benefits

If compersion first spread in circles practicing polyamory, this derivative of empathy is now becoming a new positive social skill. TipsForWomens enlightens you.

Most of us are already familiar with empathy, defined as the “ability to identify with others in what they are feeling”; but few people know what compersion is. Moreover, this social faculty does not have an official definition… TipsForWomens tells you everything about this derivative of empathy.

Knowing how to deeply rejoice in the happiness of others

The word compersion emerged in the 1970s in hippie groups in California: Tom Reichert, a former member of the utopian Kerista community, recounts a spiritualism session similar to the one which would have seen this word appear. Compersion can be defined as “the happiness one can experience when witnessing the happiness or joy of someone else.” This social faculty is spreading rapidly in circles practicing polyamory; but today, this cousin of compassion and empathy is highlighted by many psychologists. It is therefore a form of empathy which focuses specifically on the happiness of others, and this happiness can also be a source of joy for us as explained by several experts in a podcast entitled “Emotions – Compersion: can we learn to be happy with the happiness of others?

Compersion, a joy reserved for polyamorous people?

If compersion takes root within polyamorous couples or plural loves make all partners happy; it would not be “fair” to confine this social faculty to this single circle of initiates. Indeed, rejoicing in the happiness of those close to you while putting aside your jealousy is within the reach of each of us. Moreover, it is likely that you have already felt compersion without even realizing it. Remember when your cat climbed into your best friend’s lap and she enjoyed petting it, that surely made you feel well-being or joy. This is compersion!

Good in his body, good in his head!

How to cultivate this social faculty?

To fully feel the benefits of compersion, it is essential to ask yourself certain questions, particularly about your jealousy. Indeed, this feeling is the exact opposite of compersion. Doing this work on yourself is therefore essential to take stock. Then, let’s not forget that there is no obligation to be happy to see someone happy. Emotions and feelings must remain what they are and your spontaneous reactions. To cultivate compassion, it is better to initially focus on those close to you (children, family, friends). During certain events, such as a birth or a marriage, this feeling is more easily identifiable. Know that compersion can be seen as a philosophy of life. In many situations and whenever you can, introduce love, generosity and connection. Naturally, you will feel all the benefits of this positive social ability.