Crooked teeth don’t have to be removed, here’s how to straighten them

Cara memutihkan gigi dengan garam tidak efektif dan cenderung merusak gigi

Many people say that the beauty of your smile will increase many times if you have crooked teeth. However, dentists have a different opinion.

You may know gingsul teeth as protruding teeth, usually canine teeth. Meanwhile, according to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), crooked teeth are teeth that grow irregularly, protrude outward, and are not aligned with other teeth.

In the medical world, crooked teeth are also described as an abnormality in the arrangement of teeth called impacted canine teeth. Many things can cause the appearance of crooked teeth, one of which is a jaw that is too small with teeth that are too crowded.

Causes of crooked teeth

There are quite a lot of conditions that can cause crooked teeth. One of them is due to genetic factors. Apart from that, not getting timely orthodontic treatment can also cause crooked teeth.

Basically, crooked teeth occur when the fangs grow outside the normal dental arch. This can happen because there is no more space left for teeth to grow parallel to other teeth, so teeth overlap or malocclusion occurs. This growth position abnormality can occur due to several things, such as:

  • Canine teeth erupt late
  • Milk teeth fall out too late even though permanent canine teeth have already grown
  • The canine teeth are too large
  • The tooth arch is too small
  • There are cysts or other growths where permanent canine teeth grow

The negative impact of crooked teeth on health

Crooked teeth must be treated, because if not, they can cause various disorders that will ultimately be detrimental to your health. The following are the impacts that crooked teeth can have:

  • So it’s uncomfortable when chewing
  • There is a greater risk of experiencing cavities because the messy and stacked arrangement of the teeth makes it difficult to clean the teeth
  • The pressure received by the teeth, jaws, and muscles is higher, so the risk of loose teeth is greater.
  • It is considered to reduce the aesthetics of smiling for some people.

If you feel uncomfortable with the presence of crooked teeth, consult a dentist. Sometimes, the dentist will refer you to an orthodontist who has special expertise in straightening teeth or carrying out other procedures related to the presence of crooked teeth.

How to straighten crooked teeth

Here are several ways you can straighten crooked teeth:

1. Braces

Using braces or stirrups is the most effective way to straighten crooked teeth. Braces that are commonly used are made from bracket small metal connected with iron wire.

In its development, braces have undergone evolution. There are braces that have bracket and tooth-colored wires, there are also braces that are placed on the back of the teeth so that you can still feel the effects of wearing braces without being visible from the outside.

2. Aligner bening

Aligners are teeth-like tools that are made of clear, thin plastic and are sized according to the shape of your teeth. The function of the aligners is to tighten the teeth and must be replaced every 2-3 weeks until the crooked teeth no longer stick out.

When using aligners, you must remove them when eating and brushing your teeth. Apart from that, you must remove and reinstall the aligners yourself so you must always ensure they are clean.

3. Operation

In more complex cases of crooked teeth, surgery is needed to change the position of the teeth so they can return to normal.

Through surgery, the dentist will make small changes in the structure of the teeth so that the crooked teeth can be inserted into the existing row of teeth, or remove the crooked teeth if the dentition is too full.

The dentist can also recommend a surgical procedure to straighten the jaw, also known as orthognathic surgery. This operation is performed if the presence of crooked teeth has interfered with the ability to speak and chew.

Whatever method of straightening crooked teeth you choose, make sure you only do it at a doctor or dental clinic whose status is clear.