Cyber ​​Monday 2023: up to 20% off connected scales!

Cyber ​​Monday 2023: up to 20% off connected scales!

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For Cyber ​​Monday 2023, discover a selection of connected scales. They offer a detailed analysis of your body composition and sync with your favorite health apps. Here are the three best choices for keeping an eye on your well-being!

This Cyber ​​Monday season, it’s time to invest in a connected scale that goes far beyond simple weight tracking. These smart scales provide accurate body composition measurements, sync with fitness apps and support multiple user profiles. Here’s a look at the three best options available this year!

-20% on the Vitafit connected scale

From €21.99 to €17.59.

With the innovative Vitafit connected scale, monitor your health completely and intuitively. Its application, easily synchronizable with the main digital fitness tools, gives you detailed control of your body composition. Versatile and safe, it is suitable for everyone, including pregnant women and athletes, providing safety and precision for every measurement.

– 19% on the Renpho connected scale

From €31.48 to €25.64.

Discover the Renpho connected scale, a connected and versatile solution for monitoring your health. With its extensive compatibility with popular fitness apps, this scale is a valuable ally in your wellness journey. Its rechargeable design and sturdy platform ensure durability and reliability, while its user-friendly app lets you easily track your progress.

– 15% on the Foryond connected scale

From €29.99 to €25.59.

The Foryond connected scale revolutionizes health monitoring with its advanced bio-impedance technology. It provides you with 13 essential measurements for an in-depth understanding of your physical condition. Its wireless connectivity ensures easy integration with your favorite health apps. An ideal choice for families, it records and tracks each user’s data with unparalleled accuracy.

What is Cyber ​​Monday?

Cyber ​​Monday is a shopping event that follows Black Friday, focusing primarily on online promotions. It marks the end of the big offers of the Black Friday weekend, offering a last chance to take advantage of significant discounts on various products, connected scales! This is the perfect opportunity to make smart and economical purchases.