‘Demi Method’: the infallible make-up technique for a naturally radiant complexion

'Demi Method': the infallible make-up technique for a naturally radiant complexion

Between contouring and ‘no make-up’, you no longer have to choose! The latest makeup trend that is buzzing on social networks, the ‘Demi Method’, consists of working on your complexion without using tons of makeup to give it a fresh, natural and light appearance. A good compromise to combine glamor and authenticity.

Highlighting your natural features, without hiding them under tons of makeup, that’s the whole point of the ‘Demi Method’, a technique that TikTok users already consider “revolutionary”. If wise professionals have been using this makeup method for years, it is to the makeup artist Cara Brook that we owe its name and its popularity on social networks. And it is clear that at a time when naturalness dominates trends – with the exception of cherry makeup or pumpkin spice makeup – this meticulous technique is all the rage. On the Asian platform, the hashtags #demimethod and #demimethodmakeup have already generated 21.8 million and 23.6 million views, respectively.

It now remains to understand what this makeup technique entails which, it must be admitted, requires a certain dexterity, and even more so a certain know-how. However, it can be accessible to everyone, provided you watch a large number of tutorials and practice in order to master it to perfection. According to Cara Brook, who is also the founder of the Seint brand, it is “the only application technique allowing you to obtain truly ‘undetectable’ makeup. The objective is no longer to hide your skin under tons of foundation, concealers, and other contouring products, but to use them with parsimony to “balance(r) your features, keep(r) your natural glow and color intact, and eliminate(r) the flourishes so you can feel fully yourself, at your beauty best“.

To adopt this technique, you must first of all master the famous color wheel, a tool that allows you to understand color harmonies and choose the most suitable ones to correct an imperfection, an area that is too light or too dark, or even add color. depth or dimension in the eyes, for example, but also in certain areas of the face. Knowledge which requires – once again – to watch the numerous tutorials offered on the ‘Demi Method’ on social networks, and particularly those posted by the instigator of this so-called natural makeup technique.

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With this technique, everything is ultimately a question of balance between textures, or materials, and especially between colors. The whole thing essentially consists of using the color opposite to the one you want to blur. We know, for example, that green can correct red or pink imperfections, just as pink or orange undertones can overcome bluish or purplish dark circles. Just apply this theory to the entire face. And to do it subtly, in small touches and not all at once. To do this, the essential tools are none other than small brushes – yes, this technique also requires a certain amount of patience.

As for what other products to use, Cara Brook says there aren’t really any rules. This can range from bronzer to concealer to contouring products, but (always) apply sparingly. And before you get started, don’t forget to start with a foundation as well as a light, tinted moisturizer, which will nourish the skin, smooth the complexion, and ensure that makeup sticks better. It is also possible to finish your beauty look with a touch of blush, always light, and possibly a lip balm or a nude lipstick. The result: fresh, light makeup that will go unnoticed while revealing your natural glow.

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