Diet, the best of the week from 12 to 18 October

Dieta, le migliori della settimana dal 12 al 18 ottobre

Valuable tips for losing weight and regaining well-being with a healthy and balanced diet

Well-being starts with nutrition, and never as in this period, with autumn having now swept away the last warm rays of the sun, it is important to pay attention to what we bring to the table. There are many foods that have important beneficial properties, why not take advantage of them?

Green beans, for example, provide a large amount of essential nutrients for the proper functioning of our body. They are particularly rich in fiber, which contribute to the digestive process and help deflate the belly, and in antioxidants, very useful substances in the fight against free radicals and oxidative stress. And as an excellent source of plant proteins, they collaborate in the renewal of the tissues of our body and in the development of the immune system.

Furthermore, as highlighted by the Cleveland Clinic, a diet based on foods low in FODMAPs, including green beans, reduces and counteracts the onset of intestinal problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, often responsible for bloating, diarrhea. and abdominal pain.

More and more people are deciding to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet, eliminating all foods of animal origin and their derivatives from their diet. The Scientific Society of Vegetarian Nutrition (SSNV) has shown how a plant-based diet reduces the risk of developing diseases such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. But it is essential to know how to balance the intake of the main nutrients well in order not to encounter dangerous deficiencies.

This is why the SSNV specialists have created the VegPlate, a guide that allows you to develop your vegetable diet according to a nutritionally adequate profile for every need. This method, as demonstrated in an article published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, allows us to have a better understanding of the various macronutrients fundamental for our body and to combine them in the correct way.

Remaining on the subject of plant foods, several studies have shown that carrot juice has significant beneficial effects both on the cardiovascular level and on the immune system. An article published in the Journal of Immunology Research found that vitamin B6, contained in excellent quantities in this drink, contributes to the development of T lymphocytes, which regulate our immune response.

Carrots are also rich in antioxidants, including beta-carotene (responsible for their bright orange color) which in our body is transformed into vitamin A. The latter is a very important nutrient, in addition to carrying out its normal antioxidant action against free radicals. , is an ally of eye health: it has been shown to be able to reduce the risk of onset of age-related macular degeneration, a retinal disease linked to advancing age.

Finding the right diet regime to be able to lose weight effectively, perhaps without too many restrictions, is certainly not an easy task. For example, the role of carbohydrates in our diet has always been a controversial issue: do we really need them or can we do without them? And above all, do they help us lose weight or, on the contrary, are they responsible for problems such as overweight and obesity?

Everything is in the choice of foods that contain "good" carbohydrates, that is, those which, having not undergone transformation processes, are enriched with important nutrients such as fiber. A review published in the European Journal of Epidemiology showed that consuming foods containing whole (ie unrefined) carbohydrates reduces the risk of developing diseases such as type 2 diabetes and can help you lose weight.

But is it really always necessary to follow a strict diet to get rid of a few extra pounds? In fact, science reveals that sometimes it is enough to adopt some stratagem to be able to reduce food intake (and also the waistline). A 12-step diet can help us not only with the scale, but also to get used to a healthy diet, which is essential for health. It is a food plan that provides for the intake of nutrients that are important for the well-being of our body, such as proteins and fibers, without sacrificing pleasure.

For example, some fats are found to be healthy: those contained in foods such as nuts, olive oil and avocado play a fundamental role for the heart and, more generally, for the cardiovascular system. Not to mention that their intake helps reduce the sense of hunger, so they can even prove to be excellent allies for those who want to lose weight.

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