Discover the playlist to motivate yourself to do sport

Discover the playlist to motivate yourself to do sport

It’s not easy to persist in practicing a sport, especially when it comes to juggling work, life as a couple and family, and daily tasks. Fortunately, there are simple tips for motivating yourself, and this can include music, as a new study reveals. All you need to do is listen to the right songs…

Are you more rock, rap, pop, or electro? The question may seem trivial, or downright intrusive, and yet it could allow you to exercise more. In any case, this is what reveals a new study carried out by researchers from Total Shape who, thanks to an algorithm, created a list of songs, each more motivating than the next, based on the most recent successes. The idea? Get the most out of your sports sessions, especially cardio, without losing an ounce of motivation – and even surpassing yourself thanks to the sounds that follow one another in your ears.

Accessible on Spotify, this list currently brings together twenty-one tracks. On the platform, it is specified that “ researchers have developed the most suitable playlist for a cardio workout based on the most recent global charts. It is designed to help maintain a regular and energetic rhythm of 120-135 BPM (beats per minute, editor’s note), ideal for an outdoor run or a gym session with a cardiovascular routine. We will have understood, with this music, it is impossible not to become addicted to sport, or at least not to hold on to achieve your goals.

“Those from Space” to motivate you

At the top of the ranking, we find the song “Los del Espacio” which we owe to Argentinian singers and rappers Lit Killah, Tiago PZK, María Becerra, Duki, Emilia, Rusherking, FMK, and Big One. It is followed by the songs “Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53” by Bizarrap and Shakira, “One Kiss” by Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa, “El Merengue” by Manuel Turizo and Marshmello, “La Bachata” by Manuel Turizo , “Lay Low” by Tiësto, “Toca o Trompete” by Felipe Amorim, and “Seven” by Jungkook and Latto. So much ultra catchy music – no more ballads – which will not fail to motivate you during your sports sessions.

“Listening to music reduces our levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and increases our levels of dopamine, the happy hormone, especially when we like what we hear,” a Total Shape spokesperson explained to DailyMail. He added: “We also looked at the danceability, energy and stability of the songs, so that they were sufficiently catchy and did not have disruptive breaks. We were surprised to find that DJ Science, like us called the algorithm, produced an impeccable playlist that perfectly fulfills its function, namely to support your cardio workout.

This is not the first time that research has examined the impact of the fourth art on motivation and effectiveness in sport. Last year, the PureGym gym network revealed that listening to music improved performance by 13% on average among weightlifters. Another observation of the study, and not the least, the British singer Dua Lipa proved to be a strong ally for those who wanted to gain muscle mass. This is therefore the second time that the interpreter of “Levitating” has been cited in such a list.