Do not combine these two cosmetics. Dermatologists warn against the dangerous TikTok trend

Do not combine these two cosmetics.  Dermatologists warn against the dangerous TikTok trend

Dangerous tiktok fashion accelerates skin aging. If you love experimenting with new trends, it’s worth being cautious and always double-check information and consult with experts before introducing new practices into your beauty routine. After all, the health and beauty of your skin deserve the utmost attention.

Do not combine these two cosmetics.  Dermatologists warn against the dangerous TikTok trend.

Not only on TikTok, but also on other social media platforms, we can see many trends related to skin care and makeup. Many of them are inspiring and valuable, but it is always worth remembering that the skin is a delicate and sensitive organ that should not be exposed to risk.

Dermatologists warn against combining these cosmetics

More and more skin care trends gaining popularity on TikTok have experts concerned. While this app has provided us with a lot of great advice, it also promotes some risky practices. One of them is the so-called SPF Cocktailing, which US specialists warn against. Long-term use of this method may lead to discoloration and accelerate the aging process of the skin.

Chances are you’ve already used this method, even if you don’t use TikTok and haven’t heard of SPF Cocktailing before. What is that? The idea is to combine an SPF cream with a moisturizer. Thanks to this, we supposedly avoid a white residue on the skin after using some sunscreens. TikTok users also suggest adding SPF to foundation, liquid bronzer or highlighter. While the goal is to increase skin protection from UV radiation, experts say mixing cosmetics like this can be harmful.

Why is it not worth combining SPF cream with other products?

Cosmetic chemist Cara Bondi, who has been cooperating with renowned brands for years, explains: – The concentration of filters in the cream is determined during its creation and testing. By mixing SPF cream with other cosmetics, you ‘dilute’ its composition. This affects the effectiveness of protection.”

This action increases the risk of burns and discoloration. They may think that when SPF is combined with another product, the UV protection is still effective, but it is actually much lower. Regular use of such a “mixture” with SPF can accelerate the aging process, even if we use it on cloudy days.

The solution is moisturizing creams with SPF. They are effective and safe, leaving no white residue on the skin.

– Moisturizing creams with SPF are formulated in the same way as sunscreens, so they provide full protection – confirms Cara Bondi.

Dermatologists point out that protection against UV radiation is the key to maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin and avoiding health problems. Therefore, it is worth choosing proven sunscreen creams and using them regularly, without mixing them with other products.