Do you know this tip for eating sugar without gaining weight?

Do you know this tip for eating sugar without gaining weight?

Excess sugar is bad for your health. But it is also a pleasure food, which is difficult to do without. How can we consume a sweet food without seeing the scale remind us of this discrepancy immediately afterwards? Here's an easy rule to follow.

Diabetes, overweight and serious pathologies are favored by excessive sugar consumption. How can we treat ourselves to a sweet treat from time to time, without it causing the numbers on the scale to climb or our blood sugar levels to skyrocket?

A simple rule helps limit blood sugar peaks

If you fall for a pastry or a cake, it is better not to eat it alone, for example as a snack. As Dr. Arnaud Cocaul, a nutritionist, told us in a previous article, when you consume a sweet food, it is better to accompany it with another food, a handful of oilseeds for example, to limit the peak of blood sugar.

Ideally, you should eat these sweets at the end of a meal, because the sugar, mixed with the food that has just been consumed, will have less impact on blood sugar levels.

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Learn to limit your sugar intake

It is best to avoid sugary snacks between meals, but also fruits, as they are also naturally sweet. On the other hand, here again, nothing prevents you from consuming a portion at the end of a meal, Dr Arnaud Cocaul also tells us. Finally, generally speaking, when it comes to sugar, it is important to learn to do without it.

This involves good eating habits, such as not adding sugar to drinks drunk during the day (tea, coffee or milk for example) but also avoiding foods that provide empty calories, such as sweets, sodas or fruit juices.

How much sugar per fruit?

Slide: How much sugar per fruit?