Do you stay in the toilet for a long time? It’s dangerous for your health!

Do you stay in the toilet for a long time?  It's dangerous for your health!

Have you ever wondered about how much time you spend in the toilet each day? If you have the habit of scrolling on your smartphone or flipping through a magazine, know that this habit is harmful to your health. Explanations from Dr Pauline Guillouche, gastroenterologist.

Among the good resolutions you can make in 2024 is spending as little time as possible in the toilet. In fact, if you sit for long minutes looking at your cell phone or a magazine, you absolutely have to stop! Indeed, this bad habit is harmful to your health.

An alert from a specialist on TikTok

In a TikTok video made by Karen Zaghiyane, a surgeon specializing in the digestive and visceral sphere, we can hear her advice on what she will never do in 2024. On her list is staying in the toilet for a long time. “Sitting on the toilet, especially if you have finished having a bowel movement or are waiting to do so and are browsing the internet looking at social media is really bad for your hemorrhoids” she explains.

She specifies that she excludes people who have intestinal problems or who have undergone an operation. “I’m talking here about those who spend half an hour in the toilet like that, to pass the time. Do not do that“.

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A bad position for the perineum

To verify this information, TipsForWomens interviewed Dr. Pauline Guillouche, gastroenterologist. “Indeed, the long position on the toilet is not good for the perineum. begins the expert. “We must avoid being in this position for too long” she adds.

For her, the best position in the toilet is the one with a step, which allows the knees to be raised above the hips and facilitates excretion, that is to say the expulsion of stools. The specialist also recommends going to the saddle when you want to and not in anticipation. “And if the bowel movement is not there, do not force it and leave the toilet to come back later.”.

The important thing, according to Dr Pauline Guillouche, is, in the event of a change in transit, to consult your general practitioner in the event of a change in transit, but also to eat a healthy diet rich in fiber, to hydrate well and to have regular physical activity.

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