Do you know about “emotional hangover”, this type of social exhaustion?

Do you know about “emotional hangover”, this type of social exhaustion?

Do you know about “emotional hangover”? This state of emotional exhaustion occurs as a result of too much social interaction. Explanations.

After a dinner with friends or a family reunion, did you feel like you had given too much of yourself? This phenomenon – still little described by science – nevertheless has a name: “emotional hangover”.

The “emotional hangover”, an overflow of social interactions

Contrary to “hangover“classic, the”emotional hangover” does not include alcohol. On the other hand, the symptoms can be similar: it is possible to wake up in a state of great fatigue, even migraine.

And all this, due to too much social interaction: “a deep conversation with a loved one, an important announcement, a wedding or a group vacation“, Charlie Health, therapist, explains to HuffPost.

However, if this “social crisis” has no consequences, it can still last up to a week after the event, assure certain researchers at New York University.

Emotional brain states can persist for long periods of time“, they say.

Sometimes, this social excess is so intense for the brain that depressive and/or anxious symptoms can occur, reports yet another study, published in the journal Nature.

Good in his body, good in his head!

Emotional hangover: who is affected?

While everyone can be affected by this social burnout, very sensitive people, introverts or people with social anxiety disorder, risk a more serious “emotional hangover”, confides clinical social worker Kaytee Gillis.

To guard against this, it is important to identify your limits.

Instead of 3 evenings per week, it is better to plan only 2 if the first symptoms of this “social exhaustion” are felt (intense fatigue, stress, headaches, irritability, anxiety attacks, etc.).

Also identify the “places of wear and tear” (company evenings? family meetings?) favorable to this temporary exhaustion.

You will only be in better shape to face this new year!