Do you want to have beautiful and healthy hair? Try the simple “rule of 38”

Do you want to have beautiful and healthy hair?  Try the simple "rule of 38"

We wash our hair so often and mechanically that we usually do not pay much attention to this activity. As it turns out, most of us make one mistake and as a result, our strands become dry and dull. The expert advises what to do to avoid this. It is worth using the very simple “rule of 38”. The effects are visible immediately.

Do you want to have beautiful and healthy hair?  Try simple rule 38

Each of us washes our hair several times a week. As a rule, it seems to be a mundane task that cannot be done wrong. It turns out that this is not the case at all. British hair expert Nicole Petty pointed out that many people make a common mistake when washing their hair. It makes the strands dry and deprived of a healthy and beautiful shine.

This is the most common mistake when washing your hair

Specifically, the problem is that we wash our hair in too hot water, which causes the cuticles to open excessively. The strands are then more susceptible to damage and tangling. Unfortunately, tangles often appear and are difficult to comb out.

– Hot water dries the hair and stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce sebum, which is why the strands quickly become greasy at the roots – said the expert in an interview with the British portal “The Mirror”. “This can cause the scalp to become flaky and itchy, and as a result, the hair becomes dry and brittle,” she added.

Likewise, washing your hair in cold water has a negative impact on its appearance. Because the cuticles do not open at all, so the shampoo or conditioner cannot penetrate the hair structure. The hair bulbs may even be damaged, which in turn will cause them to fall out.

Apply the “Rule of 38”

The expert dispels doubts about washing your hair. In her opinion, it is best to wash your hair in lukewarm water at a temperature no higher than 38 degrees Celsius, so as not to strip the scalp of its natural oils. For the good of your strands, it is worth implementing the “Rule of 38”, which will significantly improve the condition and appearance of your hair. They will finally regain their healthy glow.

She also added that you should remember that you should not wash your hair more than 2-3 times a week