Do you want to have beautiful and healthy skin for as long as possible? Be careful with your smartphone

Do you want to have beautiful and healthy skin for as long as possible?  Be careful with your smartphone

Can a smartphone screen affect our beauty? It turns out that yes, and by a lot! If you take care of yourself and want beautiful skin, be careful with your smartphone.

Do you want to have beautiful and healthy skin for as long as possible?  Be careful with your smartphone

In the summer, we remember to protect our skin from the sun, but when the days become shorter and colder, we usually forget about it. Spending hours in front of the screens of smartphones, computers and other electronic devices has become common. We know that the blue light emitted by these devices affects our eyesight, but it turns out that it can also negatively affect our skin, accelerating its aging.

The blue light filter in your phone is not everything

Experts have long been arguing that sunscreen creams should be our ally if we want our skin to remain healthy and look young. Unfortunately, in autumn and winter we often forget about it. How exactly does blue light affect the skin? It is very similar to UV radiation, but it penetrates the skin much deeper. It causes the release of free radicals, which accelerate the aging process of the skin, damaging its protective layer, collagen and elastin fibers. The result is dry skin, loss of elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles.

Unfortunately, awareness of the negative impact of blue light on the skin is still low, unlike UV radiation, where SPF filters are standard. Therefore, it is worth taking care of protection against this type of light. How can we protect our skin from blue light? Currently, there are cosmetic products with an HEV filter available on the market that are specially prepared to protect against blue light. We can also use cosmetics rich in antioxidants, such as vitamins C, B3 and E, which help fight the negative effects of blue light and other factors such as smog.

Of course, limiting screen time can also help protect your skin. If this is not possible, it is worth at least avoiding using electronic devices in a dark room, which may affect sleep problems.

Blue light. Impact on health

Blue light emitted by smartphones and other electronic devices can have various health effects, especially if used inappropriately or for long periods of time. Here are some reasons why blue light can be harmful:

  • Disruption of circadian rhythm: Blue light, especially emitted in the evening hours, can disrupt the body’s natural circadian rhythm, also known as the circadian rhythm. Blue lighting affects the production of melatonin, a hormone responsible for regulating sleep. Exposure to blue light in the evening can make it harder to fall asleep and impair sleep quality.
  • Strain on the eyes: Prolonged exposure to blue light from screens can lead to visual fatigue, dry eyes, headaches and difficulty focusing. This is often related to blinking less when looking at screens, which can further dry out the eyes.
  • Potential Risk to Vision: There is some research suggesting that long-term exposure to intense sources of blue light may damage cells in the retina. Although research in this area is still ongoing, there is concern that it may increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
  • Impact on mental health: Excessive use of blue light devices, especially at inappropriate times, can impact mental health. This may include mood problems, depression or anxiety disorders, partly caused by disruptions to sleep and circadian rhythms.
  • Effects on children and adolescents: Children and adolescents are particularly sensitive to the effects of blue light because their eye lenses are clearer and allow more blue light to pass through. Long-term exposure may affect vision development and sleep quality.
  • To minimize the potential harm of blue light, it is recommended to limit screen time, especially before bed, use night mode on devices that reduces blue light emissions, take regular breaks when working with a screen, and use glasses with blue light blocking filters.