Do you wash your hair in the morning or evening? This is of great importance for their condition

Do you wash your hair in the morning or evening?  This is of great importance for their condition

It is said that washing your hair frequently is not advisable because it makes it excessively greasy. But what time we perform this care activity is also very important. This affects not only their appearance, but also their condition. So when is the best time to do it – in the morning or in the evening? Finding that golden mean is key here.

Do you wash your hair in the morning or evening?  This is of great importance for their condition

Women dream of beautiful, healthy, nourished and well-groomed hair. To make this happen, you need to start conscious hair care, i.e. care for it in a way tailored to your individual needs. It is worth implementing several care habits, such as: carefully reading the composition of cosmetics or ensuring the PEH balance (between three groups of ingredients – proteins, emollients and humectants). It turns out that you should start washing your hair and remember what time you wash it. Whether we do this activity in the morning or in the evening is of great importance for the appearance and condition of our strands.

Morning or evening – what time should you wash your hair?

The Kiskegyed website published information that the time of washing your hair depends on your hair type. For example, for people who have thin and oily hair, a morning shower is recommended. Thanks to this, they will remain fresh and shiny all day long.

For this type of hair, washing in the evening, just before going to bed, is not recommended. Wet hair is very delicate and therefore extremely susceptible to breakage. When we sleep, we squirm, which is quite natural. The hair rubs against the pillow, which unfortunately leads to micro-damage. In addition, hair gets tangled or even pulled out while sleeping, especially longer hair. Most often, in the morning, the effect is that we greet the day with frizzy, electrified hair and tangles. Therefore, the solution is simple – it is worth just tying your hair up at night and washing it only in the morning.

There is nothing wrong with washing your hair every day if necessary. It will only make them more oily. Dry shampoo is a great alternative to washing your hair every day. When applied to hair, this cosmetic absorbs sebum, refreshing it and positively affecting its appearance. It is best to use it approximately every 2-3 days and wash your hair the next day.

When to wash curly hair?

When it comes to thick and curly hair, the time of day doesn’t matter. Although curls have their own charm and look beautiful, unfortunately they are difficult to style. Styling such a hairstyle takes twice as much time. This means that washing your hair in the evening is a better solution than in the morning right before work. Before going to bed, it is worth drying them at low speed and with relatively cool air. Then, right after waking up, your hair will look better. All you need to do is comb them lightly with your fingers and you’re done.

Washing curly hair in the morning is more time-consuming. It is good to let the strands dry at their own pace without using a hair dryer. Because it’s simply healthier for them.