Does chromium really help fight cravings? The opinion of our micronutrition expert

Does chromium really help fight cravings?  The opinion of our micronutrition expert

Touted on social networks, the chromium cure aims to regulate our sugar cravings and therefore have a positive effect on our weight. Is that the case ? We asked Laure Martinat, micronutritionist, the question.

As the sunny days return and clothes become lighter, the question of weight, or weight loss more precisely, becomes more insistent. On this point, many Internet users favor chromium supplementation to regulate their sugar cravings and control their weight. Is right ?

Chromium, an essential trace element to balance our sugar cravings

Chromium is indeed an essential trace element, “which improves the function of theinsulin and acts on the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats”, indicates the Food Information Council in Europe on its website.

For Laure Martinat, micro-nutritionist and member of our expert committee, taking it in turns out to be “effective and relevant”.

“Chromium is not present in the body like that, but integrated into a large molecule called glucose tolerance factor, a complex that plays a role in glucose metabolism: it binds to the insulin and increases the sensitivity of cells to it. Its main role is to keep our blood sugar levels within a normal range.

But an element that is often missing from our daily lives

Within our body, chromium therefore allows us to control our blood sugar levels naturally. “The problem is that it is little present in our diet. It is found in wheat germs and whole grains, but in small quantities. We are therefore often deficient. In addition, we tend to consume more foods that are too sweet. All this exposes us to these cravings” confirms our expert.

This is why a person undergoing dietary rebalancing, who is likely to make a lot of deviations, is often offered chromium supplementation. “It is one of the elements in our arsenal of support to optimize sugar regulation in fact. It is also used in people in pre diabetes“.

Advice from a health professional remains necessary

For a cure, chromium is generally found in two forms: in tablets (chromium picolinate) and in an ampoule depending on individual preferences, at a rate of 100 to 200 micrograms per day.

But Laure Martinat reminds us: the minimum advice from a pharmacist who has knowledge of food supplements remains necessary before getting started.

“As soon as we supplement with trace elements or minerals, and there may be an impact on the body, it is important in my opinion to contact a health professional. Only he will be able to check the risk of possible interactions (with other treatments). In the case of food cravings, it is also necessary to check that it is not the result of pre-diabetes or diabetes ! In short, there is a whole context which requires obtaining the opinion of a professional before resorting to a supplement.