“Doll makeup”, the make-up to adopt for spring

“Doll makeup”, the make-up to adopt for spring

After the success of “berry makeup” and “chrome makeup”, here is “doll makeup” which is gaining popularity among makeup enthusiasts. This technique is generating more and more enthusiasm on social networks, since the singer and actress Sabrina Carpenter adopted it, thus becoming the model to follow to reproduce this beauty treatment.

Last summer, Hailey Bieber, American model and entrepreneur also known as Justin Bieber’s wife, caused a sensation by popularizing “strawberry makeup”. Makeup with a very pronounced blush, glossy lips, sculpted eyebrows and above all clearly visible freckles on the nose. But a new beauty trend is taking over on social networks, particularly on TikTok. Its name: “doll makeup”.

“Doll makeup” consists of reproducing the appearance of a doll’s face using makeup. With the arrival of spring, the goal of this trend is to reduce the use of cosmetic products as much as possible, or even eliminate them almost completely from your beauty routine. All with the aim of having the most “glowy” skin naturally. Fresh, natural and easy to achieve, this makeup style is perfect for the return of sunny days.

Why is “doll makeup” so trendy?

If different trends such as “berry makeup”, “chrome makeup” or even “pumpkin spice latte” have already seen the light of day, it is the turn of “doll makeup”, already spotted for a long time on Pinterest, to do so. a strong appearance on TikTok in recent weeks.

Many young women are replicating it, taking inspiration from former Disney actress and singer, Sabrina Carpenter. Her flirty and girly makeup in pink tones captivated the attention of Internet users and charmed them, thus becoming the essential trend of the moment. “Makeup” enthusiasts now offer tutorials to reproduce “doll makeup”, which contributes to fueling the craze around this natural aesthetic.

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How can we achieve it?

The popularity of “doll makeup” on social networks can be explained by the small quantity of products needed to achieve it. Although blush is the star element of this beauty routine, given that it gives that doll-like look, highlighter and white pencil, applied under the eyes, are also essential.

Unlike other makeup techniques that focus more on contouring, the goal here is not to define the angles of the face, but rather to create the illusion of a rounded face. On the other hand, regarding the complexion, it is preferable to opt for a foundation that is light enough to have a “glowy” look.

The lips constitute the last step of the famous “doll makeup”. Opt for a lip pencil in pink tones to outline the contour of your mouth. Don’t forget to add gloss as a final touch, to give a plumping effect to your lips without resorting to injections.

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“Doll makeup” perfectly embodies the spirit of spring thanks to its simplicity, freshness and playful side. By adopting this trend, we can easily highlight our natural beauty while adding a touch of femininity and innocence to our look. It’s a way to celebrate the flower season by embracing a delicate and captivating aesthetic. So why not let yourself be influenced by trends with “doll makeup”?



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