Don't throw away banana peels. A dermatologist advises: they have a great effect on the skin

Don't throw away banana peels.  A dermatologist advises: they have a great effect on the skin

Do you throw away the peel after eating a banana? Don't do it – you can still use it. Dermatologists have proven the beneficial effect of banana peels on the skin. It turns out that they have anti-aging properties!

A woman rubs her face with a banana peel

Bananas, although high in calories, are very healthy. They are a source of fiber and many vitamins, including: vitamins A, C, E, K and B vitamins. They are also distinguished by the content of minerals: magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and large amounts of potassium. However, bananas have a high glycemic index, so they should not be consumed in large quantities by diabetics and people trying to lose weight. However, the health benefits of bananas are not limited only to eating these fruits. It turns out that you can also use banana peels, which, according to dermatologists, have a great effect on the skin.

Banana peels will rejuvenate your skin

Dermatologists Dr. Jordan Carqueville from Chicago and Dr. Adeline Kikam from Texas spoke about the benefits of using banana peels.

According to Dr. Kikam, the tannins in banana are similar to those used in various skin care products to tighten and tone the skin. These tannins are also known to help brighten and reduce bags under the eyes. It is therefore not surprising that some products may contain banana extracts.

“You may find bananas listed as an ingredient in some skin care products because they are rich in skin-healthy phytochemicals and vitamin A,” Dr. Kikam said.

How to apply banana peels to your face?

This home skin care method is also popular on TikTok. Users show different ways of applying banana peel to the face.

Some people scrape off the inside and mix it with moisturizing cream or aloe, others rub the peel directly into the skin or make an eye mask out of it.

This is how one TikTok user puts a banana peel on her face:

Banana peel on your face – pay attention to this

Dr. Carqueville emphasizes that leaving banana peels on for too long can “clog” the skin a bit by sealing in moisture. The tannins present in banana peels can also dry out the skin, so it is worth mixing the mask with a moisturizing cream or using it after washing the peel.

It is not recommended to use banana peels on the face for people who are allergic to these fruits. Severe skin irritation or rash may occur.