Don’t use these balloons for parties!

Don't use these balloons for parties!

If you are planning to decorate your home with balloons soon, whether for the end of year holidays or for any other reason, two products are subject to recall due to health risks people who would use them. Explanations.

Do you like to decorate your home for the holidays or to celebrate a special occasion? Check carefully if you have purchased these balloons, which pose a health risk to consumers.

Gold and silver balloons removed from sale

According to the recall sheet, the balloons in question are from the “Fête A Déco” brand. These are the bag of 25 gold metal colored balloons, bearing the reference BALCO03, and the arch composition of 30 gold and silver balloons, bearing the reference BALK30AOR. They were marketed last September, in the Foir’Fouille, Zoé/Centrakor, 100 pour 100 and Fête Sensation stores.

A risk of poisoning for consumers

The two recalled references are non-compliant and dangerous products, posing a risk of poisoning to people who use them.

The Rappel Conso website mentions the risk of “Migration of n-nitrosables greater than the limit set by regulations”. These substances are classified as carcinogenic to humans. People with these balloons are therefore invited to return them to the point of sale for a refund. The procedure runs until January 13.