Easter: no need to feel guilty about chocolate, it’s good for our health!

Easter: no need to feel guilty about chocolate, it’s good for our health!

The time for the bells has rung, and also the time for gluttony when the time comes to unwrap the Easter eggs. We are accustomed to feeling guilty and pretending that it will be the last bite, before the next one is really the last piece… However, there is no point in feeling guilty: chocolate is our everyday ally. The proof !

Chocolate helps fight jetlag

It’s not easy to manage the fatigue generated by a long-haul flight during which you are tempted to rely on the (many) glasses of wine in order to let yourself be carried away by the sandman. Although it is not recommended to drink alcohol at altitude because it disrupts sleep, all is not completely lost since you have the right to bite into your favorite square of chocolate. Apparently, this would help to better cross time zones. This is one of the surprising conclusions reached by the team of scientists with whom the airline Qantas worked ahead of the launch of its ultra-long haul flight between Sydney and New York. An analysis was carried out with several travelers to consider how they could be supported to manage their fatigue during such a long journey.

It’s good for the heart too

Regarding chocolate, the studies follow one another without ever being the same, or almost. Eating a square would thus be beneficial for the heart rate to the extent that it would prevent the heart from beating irregularly. In other words, you would be less likely to be diagnosed with atrial fibrillation – which is potentially fatal, if you consume chocolate in moderation. This finding was published in the journal Heart thanks to research by scientists from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), in collaboration with researchers from Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and Aalborg University and the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology in Denmark. We mainly talk about dark chocolate because it contains a higher cocoa content than milk chocolate. And it is in cocoa that we find flavanols, substances belonging to the flavonoid family having the capacity to protect us from bacteria, viruses and molds if we are to believe the French dictionary of medicines, the Vidal.

It prevents us from getting depressed!

It’s true that this little piece of monstrously generous dark chocolate with crunchy hazelnuts does us good! And it is not so much the texture of the dried fruits, but rather the presence of cocoa that has beneficial effects on our morale. In 2020, the American Psychiatric Association supported its positive consequences on mental health by highlighting research from University College London conducted with more than 13,000 American adults. The polyphenols contained in black gold act as a booster for our mood. We can thus slow down stress thanks to this ingestion, unlike milk chocolate which contains less cocoa, and therefore fewer polyphenols. Last year, the University of Seoul, in South Korea, gave it another go, recommending a daily dose of chocolate containing 85% cocoa to be in good health! These results once again supported the importance of the link between the brain and… the intestine.

NO to diets, YES to WW!

You can even count on it to protect you from the sun

We’ll stop you right away: we don’t recommend slathering yourself in melted dark chocolate instead of sunscreen to prevent sunburn. On the other hand, scientists from the Institute of Science, Technology and Nutrition in Madrid recommended in 2021 to bite into a square in order to stock up on antioxidants as they have the ability to increase blood flow. In this way, the flavanoles contained in cocoa would increase the density of the skin as well as its hydration. Although these revelations may be surprising, researchers have nevertheless been working on this positive aspect of chocolate for many years. Already in 2011, Quebec scientists from Laval University launched a vast study aimed at light-skinned women in order to understand the mechanism of polyphenols in the body.