Eleganzza has released an anniversary model of the Monogram bag

Eleganzza has released an anniversary model of the Monogram bag

For 20 years now, the European brand Eleganzza has been producing timeless items, with an emphasis on high quality materials and original design. This is the case when accessories do not play a secondary role, but set the tone and mood for the entire image. A good example is the Monogram bag, which first appeared 20 years ago.

Photo: press service

What makes it timeless is its design – the classic and roomy trapezoid shape; comfortable – a handle and a shoulder strap that allow you to carry it in two ways; and stylish – the brand’s monogram, made in baroque style.

The aesthetics of Italian Baroque did not appear by chance. The history of world art has been and remains one of the main sources of inspiration for the brand’s designers, and the name itself refers to Italy with its elegant, precise and sophisticated style. So, the letter E appeared on the bag with many curved lines and monograms – it also claims to be its main decoration and insignia.

The new product is presented in a wide range of colors. Fans of discreet style will definitely appreciate models made in classic and noble colors: from white and black to latte and burgundy. Those who follow trends will love bags in fuchsia or deep blue.

Particularly noteworthy are models with prints – graphic floral ones, as well as those referencing graffiti culture or the Baroque theme. You will have to choose not only among colors and prints. The designers released the model in two sizes, and both options are equally thoughtful and roomy: inside there are pockets and compartments, thanks to which you can lay out all the necessary things and small items (and quickly find them), and the bag itself closes with a flap with a lock.

You can get acquainted with the new product in the flagship store of the brand’s new format, Eleganzza Piece of Art, which opened in 2023 and where not only accessories are presented, but also a full collection of clothing.