Emeralds, rubies, diamonds and watches: what to give for the New Year

Emeralds, rubies, diamonds and watches: what to give for the New Year


The precious green stone is said to bring love, success and even show its owner the path to fame. By the way, Alexander Pushkin loved to wear a talisman ring with an emerald. Today it’s worth taking a closer look at the options from Parure Atelier and Mercury, which have every chance of bringing good luck in the coming new year.


The scarlet stone symbolizes the energy of the sun and fire, power and authority. He was loved by many; neither Cardinal Richelieu nor Maria de Medici passed him by. The ruby ​​looks equally good in a funny ring inspired by the New Year’s fairy tale “The Nutcracker” from Liza Borzaya, and in an elegant Graff bracelet.


For those who plan to ask an important question to their loved one on New Year’s Eve, a diamond ring, for example, from Benes Studio, is best suited. And those who are looking for a gift that will make a splash should pay attention to an unusual brooch based on the sketches of Carl Faberge from Alrosa Diamonds or a spectacular necklace from Miuz Diamonds.


Choosing a watch as a gift is not easy. It is important to ask the recipient about the size, favorite shades, the presence of precious stones on the dial and the type of strap.

Giving a men’s watch is also a task with many unknowns. You need to take into account all the subtleties: a bracelet or strap, a simple dial or an electronic one, in a sporty or classic style. The more precise the questions, the easier it will be to choose a gift and the more you will like it.