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Energy drinks, protein yogurts… Our expert warns of the risks of “enhanced” diets

Energy drinks, protein yogurts... Our expert warns of the risks of “enhanced” diets

Protein yogurt, vitamin drinks, energy biscuits… Thirties seem to love these alternative and healthy products. Except that they have no nutritional benefit, and are even at risk for our health, according to Alexandra Murcier, dietitian-nutritionist.

There are many of them populating the supermarket shelves. “Augmented foods”, such as yogurts and protein bars, strongly appeal to generation Y, fans of innovative and above all beneficial products. The problem ? Contrary to their appearance, they would be dangerous for your health.

Sugar, fat and exciting substances

It was the research firm NielsenIQ which reported the information. According to their latest study, yogurts and protein bars, like energy drinks (such as RedBull), are among the most popular products among those under 35 without children.

All fall into the category of “augmented foods“, in other words: which bring something extra to the body (more energy, more muscles, etc.).

We went from a very restrictive message, around 0%, without sugar, without this, without that, to increased food. We added that, we enriched it with proteins, this gives the impression of being able to put the product at the service of one’s health and it gives the impression of getting value for money.“, explains David Lecomte, author of the study, to BFMTV.

The problem is that these products are anything but harmless.

Energy drinks already pinned

According to ANSES, energy drinks, to name just a few (qiu contain ingredients such as caffeine, taurine and D-glucuronolactone, sugar or sweeteners, vitamins, and plant extracts, editor’s note) have no nutritional benefit and increase, as a bonus, “l“loss of water and mineral salts”.

In fact, theyincrease the risk of heat accidents” and are likely to generate “risky situations” in combination with alcohol.

Consumption of RedBull type drinks also promotes the occurrence of cardiovascular symptoms (sensations of oppression or chest pain, tachycardia, hypertension, rhythm disturbances leading to cardiac arrest, etc.), psychobehavioral and neurological (irritability, nervousness, anxiety, even panic attacks, hallucinations, epilepsy…).

“Protein” products often too fatty or too sweet

Same thing for yogurts and protein bars, which should be avoided because they are too fatty and sugary (weight gain, sugar addiction, etc.).

These very fashionable products are ultra-processed. They therefore contain very few interesting nutrients and are bad, in the long term, for our health. They also send a false message: these foods do not work “miracles” and do not allow you to lose weight or gain muscle mass. The risk of addiction, particularly to certain energy drinks, is, as a bonus, increased“, warns Alexandra Murcier.

The dietician-nutritionist also warns consumers of the harmful effects of caffeine, combined with certain drugs.

In this case, it increases the risk of heart problems. Be careful with the “cocktail” effect of these so-called augmented foods.“.

NO to diets, YES to WW!

Faced with these processed foods, what is the right attitude to adopt?

Our nutrition expert advises to “Decipher the labels carefully, because these products are very rich in sugar, sweeteners and additivess.”

Then, on the shelves, raw and natural ingredients must be favored.

You can replace protein yogurts with Skyr, naturally rich in protein. You can also make protein bars yourself, from dates, oilseeds, etc..”, concludes Alexandra Murcier.

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