Espresso, matcha latte, cherry cola… beauty is racing for summer drinks!

Espresso, matcha latte, cherry cola... beauty is racing for summer drinks!

Making makeup rhyme with sweet treats: this is the new fad of beauty content creators on social networks, and it seems that the phenomenon is unanimous. Sweets, delicacies, and other summer drinks do not fail to refresh the beauty inspirations of the season, like ‘cherry cola lips’, ‘syrup nails’, or even ‘latte makeup’, all originally millions of views in the sociosphere.

It is not uncommon to see beauty enthusiasts digging through their kitchen cupboards and drawers to unearth ingredients and utensils that form the basis of new tips for optimizing their beauty routine. We have seen this in recent years with the diversion of many products, such as the colander to obtain perfect curls, the fork to refine your eyeliner, or even rice cooking water to make hair stronger and shiny. . But it is a completely different phenomenon which is essential on social networks in the heart of summer. Users are now inspired by essential drinks, and even certain sweets, to shape the makeup trends of the season. Matcha, espresso, syrup, latte… There is something for absolutely everyone!

Solar and… thirst-quenching beauty

With a few exceptions, summer makeup trends are all inspired by cult beverages that alternately add a sunny or tangy touch to summer looks. The most inspiring – and above all the most popular – is undoubtedly the ‘latte makeup’, which clearly stands out as the key inspiration of the season. The hashtag #lattemakeup has already generated nearly 300 million views to date. The idea is to achieve a sun-kissed, milky and effortless beauty look, using caramelized shades (bronze, brown, gold) to reproduce the color of the essential café latte. The concept has been so successful that it has recently given rise to a variant, ‘espresso makeup’, which results in a less milky complexion and a more full-bodied look with deeper shades (black, brown, cocoa) . Again, we find ourselves immersed in the intensity of a cup of coffee.

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Content creators could have stopped there, but instead they pushed the phenomenon to the extreme by establishing a real battle of summer drinks. After these two emblematic versions of the caoua, it is the matcha latte that has risen to the rank of essential beauty. But this time it was above all the nails that benefited from it – although the ‘matcha latte makeup’ is also unanimous – showing off a milky green, again reminiscent of the iconic drink. And in a more refreshing genre, the ‘cherry cola lips’, lips of a bright and vibrant red, which gradually draws towards dark red, then brown, like fruity soda, have managed to generate nearly 12 million views, concluding to convince us of the influence of summer drinks on beauty trends.

Honey, sugar and fruits

In the same spirit, TikTok users have recently taken a liking to ‘syrup nails’, in other words ‘syrup nails’ which are inspired this time by nectar which, mixed with water, transforms there again into a sweet and refreshing drink. In beauty, this results in an ultra-shiny and tangy manicure, whatever the color used, and a syrupy and glowy finish. A trend that has accumulated more than 8 million views to date, and which succeeds ‘glazed donut nails’, another delicacy that has gone from the bakery shelves to those of the major cosmetics brands in just a few months. And if we stay in the world of manicure, we can only mention the ‘blueberry milk nails’, among the other summer inspirations, which this time are colored milky blue in the image – we gives it to you in a thousand – from a blueberry milk.

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To perfect these gourmet beauties, socionauts now make use of ‘honey lips’, in other words ‘honey lips’, which result in luscious and sparkling lips taking on the amber shade of the famous nectar. An easy-to-reproduce beauty look with the application of a gold-colored eyeshadow on the Cupid’s bow and the center of the lower lip, followed by a lip liner, and a shiny gloss. Nothing could be simpler and more… gourmet. And what would a menu be, even sweet, without its essential dose of fruit?

The ‘strawberry makeup’ and the ‘tomato girl’ complete these soft and summery beauties, straight out of pantries, refrigerators, and other beverage departments. The first is characterized by a tanned complexion embellished with a good dose of blush, and a few freckles, for a ‘back from the beach’ effect, while the second results in a natural beauty, both light and no frills. So many aesthetics that testify to the boundless interest of users and content creators for the colors, textures, and flavors of the delights that punctuate the summer season. It now remains to be seen whether the phenomenon will continue once the start of the school year has passed.